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Check out the latest installment of The Sinclair Narratives and see what everyone's favorite immortal, Henry Sinclair, is up to now. The latest episode has Henry, Teddy Roosevelt, Nikola Tesla, and Mark Twain fighting genies who are working for Cecil Rhodes to foster a British invasion and economic collapse of America.

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Mia buying a flip and scan ebook card at Jolie Tea Co.

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Mia buying a flip and scan ebook card at Jolie Tea Co.

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Fiction, Nonfiction, Classic Literature, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Books

Tales from Mr. Pelinger's House

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Teddy Roosevelt in a National Park


Fiction / Illustrated

The latest tales from Mr. Pelinger's House. The house that unfolds to let a universe of oddities in. A home larger inside than out with its own wormhole. Two stories for the price of one! (Read More...)

Sub Rosa

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Nonfiction / History

How did the Witch City Shape American History before it was the Halloween capitol? From our national banks to our Constitution Salem has shaped more of tthe foundation of our country move than any other city. (Read More...)

Salem Secret Underground

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Salem Secret Underground_The History of the Tunnels in the City Book Cover

Nonfiction / History

The real life story of how 159 people including senators, a superior court justice, secretaries of state, the countries first millionaires, a secretary of the Navy, directors in our national banks, (Read More...)


Murder on the Common

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Historic Fiction / Fantasy / Illustrated

The latest edition in the The Sinclair Narratives. Join Prince Henry Sinclair, everyone's favorite immortal who sailed from Scotland near Roslyn Chapel to find Vinland a 100 years before Columbus and sailed (Read More...)

Arkham: Tales from the Flipside
Summer 2020

Arkham Tales from the Flipside cover Summer 2020

Historic Fiction / Fantasy / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Illustrated

This installment of the quarterly showcases new and old masters. Stories from The Sinclair Narratives, Robert Bloch, Robert Sheckley, Lisa Deschenes, and Evelyn E. Smith. (Read More...)

Arkham: Tales from the Flipside
Spring 2020

Historic Fiction / Fantasy / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Illustrated

This installment of the quarterly showcases new and old masters. We introduce a new rendering of the Conan series by Robert E. Howard, plus There is a Reaper from Charles v. de Vincent, also (Read More...)

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

by Jules Verene

Fiction/ Literature / Action/ Sci-Fi

The classic adventure that follows a French professor and his servant who are called to America to investigate a seamonster who has been sinking ships. Once aboard ship they meet the harpooner who is (Read More...)

The Other Side

by Donna Girouard


Nonfiction / Memoir

"Once upon a time, my Dad was my hero . . ." Then I grew up. A collection of linked essays tells one family's story, revealing its "other side." (Read More...)

Critical Infrastructure for Children

by Matthew J. Fraser

Nonfiction / Current Events

How is New England Colleges helping the society and reestablishing the Middle Class. New incentives with community colleges giving credits for vocational classes, green campuses, supporting local farming (Read More...)

Universal Man

by Richard A. Aliberti

Non-Fiction / Biography/ Art

Of all the old masters, Leonardo of Vinci is likely one of the most fascinating and enigmatic figures of all time here he is presented from a perspective unlike any others: from an active and practicing present-day (Read More...)

Burnt Toast and Oranges

by Rev. Barbara Szafranski

Burnt Toast and Oranges cover

Non-Fiction / Biography/ Spirtuality

In this narrative Barbara chronicles her journey to herself through trials and tribulations that any healer or shaman must face. She provides verification and clarification through the book for those who might (ReadMore...)

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Don't Invade Russia

by Cory McNeil

Fiction/ Alternative History

Stalingrad during WWII is transported in time back to the Victorian era. Jane Wilkes Booth is asked to assassinate the emperor in this alterative reality. Will she follow the route of her male counterpart in ours? (Read More...)