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Murder on the Common

Historic Fiction/ Fantasy / Adventure

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The latest edition in the The Sinclair Narratives. Join Prince Henry Sinclair, everyone's favorite immortal who sailed from Scotland near Roslyn Chapel to find Vinland a 100 years before Columbus and sailed to America with the Templar's treasure horde. In this tale we follow Henry through a murder mystery that influenced Parker Brother's game Clue, the real life murder which was the most famous in nineteenth century. Along the way he will be hampered by the the Illuminati, Lovecraftian monsters, Mormons, and Vampires. Filled with historical personages that shaped American history and composite photographs taken from Matthew Brady and others.

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Author Bio:

Chris has written 16 books, many illustrated. He is a resident of Salem MA for 27 years and grew up in the Jersey Pine Barrens.



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