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Below you will find out a little more about our wonderful authors! Check out their bios, blogs, social networking pages, and videos. Also do not forget to check out all of their amazing books...


Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin is usually called, Chris. He lives in Salem. In fact if you ever ventured into Salem you probably seen him wearing a 12 foot long scarf walking through town drinking a quart of milk and eating a dark Cadbury bar. If you want to help support his habit, he always is willing to accept a Cadbury bar and some milk from you. Sometimes he answers to "Viking Chris", "The Norseman", and even Fritter by one large Indian. At one local music festival it was said that if you have been in Salem for 15 minutes and have not met Chris something is wrong. So if you ever see him in Salem or traveling about, stop and say hi... He might just draw you a picture in your book.

Winner of 3 Mass. Cultural Grants for his Salem Trilogy. He has written 12 books. Illustrated 10. Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City is his first foray into non-fiction. which was followed by the hit Sub Rosa. Oh yeah, he still is looking for investors to build his event center on 200 acres in Manchester-by-the-Sea. Vingolf will have a highway exit off 128 thirty minutes from Boston. Vingolf is a premiere wedding destination, 5 star accommodation, conference center, and music showcase. For more info click here! For gallery of illustrations click here!

Illustrated Books:

The Salem Trilogy:

A Walk Through Salem

Other Illustrated Books:

Murder on the Common Mr. Pelinger's House & Intergalactic Roadshow Jasper: A Bunny's Tale
The Moon, The Sun, and 2 Fish


Web Sites

Author Page: The Wonderful World of Chris Dowgin- Links to his books interactive web sites, news, blog, and more from the quirky little town named Salem, Ma.

Salem Trilogy: Fun Games

Salem Smugglers' Tour: Learn about the smugglers in Salem and how they shaped American history up to the present.Stories about the real murder behind the Game Clue and how it led to 3 presidents deaths. Learn about the man from Salem who was the founder of JP Morgan and the engineer of the 2008 Financial Collapse in 1837. Plus see pictures of the tunnels they had built. Take a tour today!

Salem Secret Underground: Facebook Page with New Photos of the Tunnels Once They are Found. Plus Historic Images and Car Crashes from Salem, Ma.

Abbey Road in Salem: 40th Anniversary Photo Shoot.


Tyler~The Boy Who's Always on the Move: The Blog written by Tyler. A boy who has been moved around the coutry by his contract working software engineering parents. The blog details all the cool and strange places he has been in America.

Max Teller's Amazing Adventures: A blog written by the boy who flew over Boston's North Shore stuck to a bunch of balloons. He writes about all things flying from balloons, 1950's science fiction rockets, Buck Rogers, new jet fighters, and more!

Chris Dowgin: A Illustrator from a Quirky Little Town Named Salem: Learn more about Chis' illustrations, favorite illustrators, Salem MA, and his books.

The History of the Tunnels on the Best Salem Walking Tour: Stories about the tunnels in Salem MA and the people who built them. People who shaped our country and how their influence stil can be felt today. Stories from the books Sub Rosa and Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City.

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Sheila Farren-Billings

Sheila grew up in a family of artists. Works in progress in all the contemporary arts, musical, written and performance art were strewn about her childhood home. This inspired her to develop her creativity and experiment with mediums and styles.

When she received her first big 64-color box of Crayolas, Sheila could sit for hours delighted to line up the crayons in endless color combinations. Now she works mostly in acrylic paints, watercolors, and pencil & ink; but the desire to combine beautiful, bright, saturated color is still a driving force in her art. Her work has appeared in many shows and galleries in the North Shore area of Boston, earning numerous awards and grants. Plus she is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

She has two illustrated books for sale and we are expecting a lot more from this great talent in the future.

Illustrated Books:

Salem Which City: Activity Book Fun Preview Page! Print it out and solve the Maze!

Salem Which City: Coloring Book Fun preview Page! Print it out and do some coloring!


Web Site

Sheila Farren-Billings: Great Books and Art!

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Matthew J. Fraser

Matthew's "Core Belief" is there is no one solution that's going to solve all of our problems. Rather, progress will be many smaller steps forward, such as more local farming, more walking paths or learning skills. My primary objective is to contribute to the well-being of as many people as I can. From 1995 to the summer of 2015 I did that mostly through teaching, but now I do so mostly through writing useful books. In the past I emphasized more serious writing, although now the emphasis is on language learning books and fiction. Below tells you the story behind the fruits of my labor that I have put here for you.

Read more in his book Ideas for America.




Non-Fiction Books:

Ideas For America: Let the Sun In Critical Infrastructure for Children

Web Site

The Language Guy

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Jerry O'Connor Bottari

Jerry comes from the original stock of Salem. Her descendant was the prosecuting Judge Hathorne and one of the accused women in 1692 he had hanged.... Well that is life in Salem and you will enjoy this spitfires classic poetry and photographs about the town she loves.


Poetic Works:

Salem Through The Looking Glass

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Will Pirone

Will's favorite spot is a seat by a window. If it is a barstool and the street is active, so much the better. Behind the counter in a store looking through an open door works just as well. So does a bedroom overlooking a park. A bus or plane will also do, as long as the seat or scene is moving. They are all metaphors for a curious, restless mind.

Will started writing poetry as a boy after discovering his father's high school text of One Hundred Narrative Poems. In his early teens an older cousin sent him a copy of The Beat Generation and the Angry Young Men. That same year he stumbled on a facing page bilingual edition of Baudelaire which he thought would help with his French studies. These random events pointed the way to a whole new world. He's been gone ever since. Open up to any page, and start reading. You are sure to enjoy it!

Poetic Works:

Poems and Songs

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Mi Keaton & Ana Steele

As if the age-old conflict between Heart and Brain wasn't difficult enough, you should of seen the fight between these authors to finish this work of art. Has this modern day changed Love's very chemistry? Equality of the sexes, Social Engineering- you know that Metro-sexual stuff, and the development of our "criteria box"... have really made affairs of the Heart more difficult for Brain to control? Anatomy of a Love Affair is a tale of Love where everything happens in an opposite way....Ana Steele and m i keaton tells the tale in a totally new and different way!!

You will love their book, even if they do not love each other anymore.


Fiction Books:

Anatomy of a Love Affair

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Peter R. Senn

This social activist who is remembered for his inability to pass a sandwich cookie without eating the cream filling while protesting in some rally for the labor unions. He was the Ivy League teacher for the cost of city college tuition. He believed everyone deserved the best opportunity for the best education available.

Dr. Peter R. Senn describes in his better world book the core beliefs which shaped the European Union. In the process he casts a new light on the past, present, and future of Europe. His book is a must-read for students, scholars and all who are concerned with International Affairs in a fun style that captivates the reader in much the same way that the author did in Sophie's World. Just because he stuffed cotton in his ears at a Beatles concert, does not mean he disagrees with everything from Europe. Just a lot. We at Salem House Press have the privilege to publish his latest book.



Non-Fiction Books:

The Ugly European

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Nick Demakes

Yes! Nick is a little Batty, or at the very least batty for bats! Such a loveable character who paints with yesterday morning's coffee and colored pencils. Rendering wonderful images from the past with a new face. His versions of classic Victorian horror characters all have animal faces. Mostly bat faces, but others like Sweeney Toad hop up from time to time. From Frakentoad to Madame Bathory Nick has created a grand menagerie.


Gentlemen Bats Calendar

Web Site

Hellequin Art Gallery


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Donna Girouard

Donna Girouard is an assistant professor of English at Livingstone College in North Carolina, and lives with her two rescue dogs and five rescue cats. When she's not teaching or writing, she works on her project vehicles: a 1978 Ford truck and a 1985 Pontiac Firebird. 

Although her essays have been published in various literary magazines, The Other Side: Closing the Door is her first book-length collection.


The Other Side: Closing the Door

Web Sites

Author Site


Goodreads logo


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Richard Aliberti

Richard Aliberti is an artist originally from Boston. The 3rd born son in a family of 7 children, Richard first became inspired by Leonardo DaVinci and the Italian Renaissance in his youth and throughout his early work he has nurtured that inspiration by building a career as a successful artist working primarily in the plastic arts through the media of painting and sculpture. Some of his notable works include commissions of a bronze Dante Alighieri statue that is at the Dante Alighieri society in Cambridge Ma and the bronze plaque that greets visitors to St. John Parish on North Square, Boston. Richard's work is also in a permanent museum collection in the Kennedy museum on Cape Cod. Most recently, Richard has been actively creating internationally, as he is embarking on some new chapters of his colorful and diverse professional experiences.

Non-Fiction/ Art

Universal Man: Da' Vinci's Soul Reborn

Web Site


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