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Salem House Press is the finest of the new generation of publishers. We are taking publishing into the next generation. Our books are available on the go. We have some of the best Kindle books and ebooks for your Kindle, Droid, or Apple device. Many of our titles are animated Harry Potteresque Books giving you over a few minutes of animation per page. We publish better world books that bring us into the next generation of online books while still maintaining a love for the printed and bound books we grew up with. Salem House Press is delving into the newest methods of distribution that the times are calling for. Servicing bookstores and the online sellers.

Our new distribution network will focus on getting books to expand out of the bookstore. Imagine if Coca-Cola was still only sold in the pharmacy? It would never have been the icon it has become. Now books can be found stretching back beyond the library of Alexandria, so why is it a niche market? We are bringing our Flip & Scan ebook cards to boutiques, gift shops, convenience stores, smoke shops, farm stands, record stores, and more. The main barrier to books moving beyond the library and bookstore was the floor space they occupied. Now our Flip & Scan eBook racks take up no floor space at all! Our narrow racks hang on the wall or at the point of purchase next to the magazine and candy racks. This incurs whim purchases. Candy, gum, tabloid, or literature? All of our titles are $5 that help with those important sales during the winter and become the cherry on top during the busy season.

Why are books still sold only in bookstores, imagine if Coca-Cola was only still sold in the pharmacy like in this picture.

What will the Bookstores of the Future Look Like?

Also in the works for Salem House Press we are creating the bookstore for the 21st century with book kiosk with large touch screens to preview books and watch trailers, comfy chairs, and cool cafes with a relaxed culture on the cutting edge. Bringing the turn of the last century rural General Store into the current century. We will cut down on book transportation and book costs by selling licenses to print x amount of Flip and Scan Cards which can deliver books directly to any device which can be printed in shop to sell. No more back rooms with large inventories. We are also developing a PapE Book. A book with a tablet within the front cover, electric flexible papers attached to a bus in the spine, and a USB port on the bottom of the spine. Each PapE Book will have an optical scanning application to scan our Flip and Scan Cards. Also customers will be welcome to download eBooks from other publishers and ourselves from various sources online which will be compatible on our PapE Books. Thousands of books on one device with moveable animated images and links to interactive items online.

Also we will soon offer a music catalog with albums on Flip and Scan Cards. Our dream for our bookstores will have live musical performances from national and local acts. Also we will try to bring back the tin pan alley days and sell quality sheet music of new songs that local heros can play as their own throughout the country in hometown establishments.

Our Catalog of Books

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When you are looking for the book, browse through our best selling books first! Do not forget about the kids. We know the importance of getting children committed to a life of reading early. That is why we offer the finest in kids books. Our stories for kids brings them into other worlds, way before we sell the movie rights to them. This allows the child to create their own world our characters live in before they are limited by the directors vision. We believe feeding the imagination in ns in these children who believe anything is possible.

Also check back often to see what free ebooks we will offer from our catalog and the best of the classics that are in the public domain.

More About us and Our Authors

Picture of Chris Dowgin author and founder on a brick wall

Salem House Press is located in historic downtown Salem, Ma. We are a publishing co-op where the authors have a hand in the creation, publishing, and printing of their works. In this way our authors attain higher royalties than can be offered by the larger publishing companies. We offer a broad range of books from children literature, classics, local histories, politics, poetry, fiction, and graphic novels. We also delve into the public domain and return rare gems back into circulation. Like our Salem Edition of Dante's Divine Comedy. Lushly illustrated by Gustav Dore with the original Henry Wadsworth Longfellow translation. It is published in commemoration of the Salem Lyceum being the first place James Russell Lowell read his and Longfellow's translation to an audience. Our books are available in most bookstores including Barnes & Noble, your favorite independent book sellers, and online at Amazon.com. Our authors are all available for book signings, lectures, tours and other events. Visit our Facebook page along with the various pages of our authors.

Our founder is Chris Dowgin who comes from a long line of publishers. Read about our founder's ties to the Nineteenth Century's Publishing family, The Hultons and their newspapers and books.

Looking for New Authors

We are always looking for new authors. Submit your book submissions for querry at: chris.dowgin@salemhousepress.com. Submissions should be single spaced and set to the page size of the final book. Also we are looking for submissions for our illustrated magazine Arkham: Tales from the Flipside. Send us single spaced submissions with the page size set to 6" x 9" with margins set to .625". Stories should be under 20 pages. Fifteen preferable. Stories should be either fantasy, mystery, or sci-fi. Send stories to chris.dowgin@salemhousepress.com.

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