The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

by L. Frank Baum

Fiction/ Children's Lit

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This is the children's classic where Dorothy flies over the rainbow to Oz where she defeats the Wicked Witch of the West with her three new friends. Well that is what you know from the movie, but there is plenty more to the book with characters and dangers you have never seen before which did not make it into Garland's world.
Read the original and find out what you have been missing for all of these years!

Also did you know there were several other Oz films before and after Garland? Here are a few links to older versions of the Oz series.

The Wizard of OZ 1910

The Patchwork Girl of OZ 1914

Wizard of Oz 1925

Magic Cloak of Oz 1914

Animation from Mr Pelinger's House


Wizard of Lynn cover on shelf

Fiction/ Children's Lit

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By L. Frank Baum

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L. Frank Baum

( May 15, 1856 – May 6, 1919)

Baum was an American author chiefly famous for his children's books, particularly The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and its sequels. He wrote 14 novels in the Oz series, plus 41 other novels, 83 short stories, over 200 poems, and at least 42 scripts.


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