Poems and Song by Will Pirone
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Poems and Songs

by Will Pirone


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My favorite spot is a seat by a window. If it is a bar stool and the street is active, so much the better. Behind the counter in a store looking through an open door works just as well. So does a bedroom overlooking a park. A bus or plane window will also do, as long as the seat or scene is moving. They are all metaphors for a curious, restless mind.

I started writing poetry as a boy after discovering my father's high school text of One Hundred Narrative Poems. In my early teens an older cousin sent me a copy of The Beat Generation and the Angry Young Men. That same year I stumbled on a facing page bilingual edition of Baudelaire which I thought would help my French studies. These random events pointed the way to a whole new world. I have been gone ever since. Open up to any page, and have a look.

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Paperback: $15.00


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By Will Pirone

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Will Pirone is an advent Beat who slipped into the realms of the hippies on Haight-Ashbury. One half of the duo Sweet Pie. A lyricist and harp player. Old Willie Boy has entertained folks at Joes Public Theater in NYC and thousands in Arizona. This book is the poetry that spans generations with the rythmn of a beat and the mind of a Hippie.


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