Ideas for America: Let the Sun In by Matthew Fraser

Ideas for America

by Matthew Fraser

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Nonfiction / Current Affairs / Education /Reference

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Ideas for America: Let the Sun In is a mini-almanac of sorts with multiple chapters on restoring the New England middle class. These contents shine a light on: effective, existing approaches to language study, adult education, building brighter days at school, elderly health, fiscal sustainability, and much more. The highly curated, fourteen-page chapter on Social Security is extremely relevant and written in layman terms. The chapters are:

1. Language Education
2. Adult Education
3. Keeping the American Dream Alive
4. Creating Opportunities for Adjuncts
5. Building Healthy Economies
6. Securing and Maximizing Social Security
7. Simplifying the Federal Tax System
8. Building Health as Individuals: Ask the Experts
9. Building Health as a Society: Ask the Experts
10. Restoring the New England Middle Class

Critical Infrastructure for Children is a handbook of 215 questions and answers on New England education. A few of the questions you might think to ask, and over two hundred more most would not think to ask. It is written for parents, students, and educators; it can either be read or used as a reference.


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Nonfiction / Current Affairs / Education /Reference

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Matthew Fraser

Educator and linguist. He has taught on the college and high school level and he brings his knowledge gained through experience and his research to better help guide our youth of New England toward better higher education choices.

He is also the writer of several language books.

In his free time he is a Martial Arts practicioner and is always looking for a good pickup game.




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