What is an Author Collective?

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Author Collective

We welcome authors in who will share their expertise and resources with one and another. We help edit, market, and advertise each others work. We help one and another when we get writers block or even when we are just spewing garbage...We help brainstorm. We help finding the right tone and audience. We travel to events together. We tell each other about events happening. We are a collective.

What is different about our collective than traditional publishing? Authors get to keep more of their money. To be honest, traditional publishers only market what is a success already. Here we try to be friends and...friends help each other out. Friends create movements. Either its the Algonquin Round Table, CBGB, Madame Wong’s, The Lost Generation on le Boulevard du Montparnasse, Haight-Ashbury, Laurel Canyon, Silicone Valley, or Tor's authors we are looking to make a movement that springs everyone forward. Traditional publishing does not make family or clans.

Algonquin Round Table

After the cost of printing (out of our hands..), shipping (same...), and the retailers' discount, we only take 30%-40% of the net profit (In most cases less than $3 a book...). With our Flip & Scan eBooks we split the profits 50-50 after the roughly $ .65 per card we each get $ .93 cents per card ($5 retail, $2.50 wholesale, $ .65 printing cost, $ .93 Author, $ .93 Publisher).

Why $5. Don't you feel ripped off when you pay the same amount of money for a digital copy vs a physical item that had to be printed, bound, and shipped. It only costs $ .65 to print a Flip & Scan eBook Card and the download of an eBook is free. Plus $5 will incur more spur of the moment purchases at the register while people are waiting in line, commuters looking for a read on the subway, tourist in a boutique looking for something to read in the hotel, a cigar aficionado looking for something to compliment his smoke, a pairing to a good wine, a friend to appreciate over a cup of coffee. We want to compliment an establishments main foray, not compete with it. Plus these other businesses take 42% discount, pay the cost of printing up front, or sometimes the whole bill once they place the order, and they don't look to return the books if they can't sell them (just becareful not to sell to places you realize have trouble selling your work the next time, let them drift away or help them out).

Also we believe it is high time books break free from a single genre of retailer. Imagine if Coca-Cola stayed only within the pharmacy soda fountain? Who will distribute these works? We will. Once the pandemic allows us to find a new normal, I will be travelling to smoke shops, wine stores, coffee shops, tea cafes, boutiques, convenience stores, gift shops in tourist shopping, and college towns creating a new distribution network. We have two distributors/ wholesalers in the country and they do not treat us nice. They offer terms created during the Great Depression when authors were desperate and never changed them. They will be missed as much as we all miss Blockbuster Video. We also welcome any store you may find to sell your work in. The more hands working the better.

people reading in library

One thing I hate. Kicking the rung out from under you. I was fooled by organic growth. I was selling books through it. I was one of millions who made Facebook. I was also one of millions who seen the tap turn off and wasted six months or more creating content nobody had seen as their algorithm changed without warning. In a previous business, I got kicked off from first page on Google when one website took up all the slots on a paid directory like Kayak, TripAdvisor, and the like... At the beginning, social media helps the little guy grow until they can demand top dollar from the big guys. Tik Tok is the current bait and switch. I propose the old Link Farm. I suggest we each have a page hosting each others video, blog, events, books, and all for free. I'm also looking to find new technologies or old we can use to create great content and free marketing. Is it the old analog TV frequencies, pirate radio using simple transmitters on AM Radio, OBey like stickers, billboards above radio flyers behind bikes...We need great content and a forever free advertising medium to keep the ladder intact.

We welcome you to be part of the new generation of Literature!

We publish completed PDFs or we can charge you to make one to send to print or create an eBook for you. You are also welcome to barter services among yourself too to accomplish these goals. We have social networks you can post on and make them grow. We help each other find venues to give lectures at and perform in. We help find already established audiences to address our works to.

But (there is always a but), if you join us and don't contribute to the success of your work, nobody else will including yourself. We help those who help themselves. At the end of the day, our goal is not to make millions, though to make a writer, musician, or artist as profitable as the other trades like pipe fitters, engineers, shop keeps, contractors, and etc... Lets take the lottery out of the arts. Make it or break it attitude. I never liked John Adams, but he did have one good point:

I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain.

We should all be painters, poets, musicians, architects, sculptors, weavers, and artisans by now!

Write us to help our family of creatives grow and spread!

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