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Our Founder Chris Dowgin has strong ties going back to the nineteenth century England and one of their largest publishing dynasties. Which was all ruined when the founder of that publishing interest became an ass. Resulting in his great grandfather leaving England for New York to run a successful Broadway print shop, marry an Irish wife (which was something since his mother was a daughter of an Englsih lord) , have 4 giant dancing daughters, and another son to name Edward. I think there has been an Edward in the family going back to the 1700's at least...

In defense of the ass, I think a relative of his was responsible for the Peterloo Massacre. See we might of had Water Gate which inspired Clinton Gate and so on. They had Waterloo. Then Napoleon was in vogue and he recently got his arse handed to him and Water-LOO. So you get the hint. Well this other ass led a cavalry charge into a union demonstration filled with women and children. Then his great grandfather's father would leave his mark on history too. He founded the Clarion Movement, a great labor activist group. He founded it by firing Robert Blanchard for his liberal views who went off to create the famous cycling club and its newspaper.

Well his Grandfather Edward G. Hulton created the Manchester Evening Chronicle (1897) and the Daily Dispatch (1900) in Manchester England after being pulled out of school to run his father's newspapers. He wanted to be a priest beforehand which explains why he has one cousin who was a nun and a very Catholic Grandmother. Back in England his father finds someone , a Mr. Lytham,who looks enough like him at a race track to continue in his place and then dies within the year in 1904. This Mr. Lytham still would register his horses to race at the tracks under this name.

See the dynasty was founded when Edward Hulton senior would sneak into the Manchester Guardian at night where he worked as a compositor to print a betting sheet. He loved horses. So after he got fired he had a gentleman who owned lots of sheep finance the first of his athletic papers. Sports sheet turned into daily times and so on.

To the imposter's credit he will start at least three more papers, have an illegitimate son to pass the company to, and sell off most of their holdings in spite to a lord, who would later turn into a Nazi sympathizer, before he dies young in 1925 at 56 years of age. In fact 2 months before he dies he ventures to NYC to find his great grandfather to return the family fortune to him. In response he said they were the Hulton's of England and he was now the Hulton of America and they should keep their money. I think he took some money with him when he left England. His daughters were raised on the polo field, drove fast cars, and his home in 1940 was worth $15,000. Now the Imposter's illegitimate son, he became the most famous appearing in James Herriot's All Creature's Great and Small and created England's answer to Life magazine, The Picture Post. His photographic archive would later merge with Getty to become the Hulton Getty Archive.

So Chris is hoping publishing is in his genes or else he will have to resolve to live under a pile of leaves on the side of a hill like a Hobbit.....

Listing of Newspapers the Hulton's had Owned.

Sporting Chronicle
Athletic News
Sunday Chronicle
London Evening Standard
Manchester Evening Chronicle
Daily Dispatch
Daily Sketch
Sunday Herald
Illustrated Sunday Herald
Picture Post

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