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Check below regularly to see what books we have on sale for bulk purchases. SCi-Fi,YA, Reference, Fiction, Illustrated Children's Books, and Non-fiction. Some our books like The Ugly European, Ideas for America, and Critical Infrastructure for Children were design to supplement college courses. Other books like Salem: Which City? Coloring Book and Activity Book are priced for bulk purchases to cover a whole class economically. email our Library Sales Assistant at

We are also carried by Baker & Taylor, but when you buy directly from us we can feed our authors and not loose money... Granted when you buy from us we still only can proffer our authors a $3 a book, well that is comparred to sometimes less than a dollar with Baker & Taylor.


Salem: Which City?
Coloring Book

by Sheila Farren-Billings

Salem Which City Coloring Book Cover by Sheila Farren-Billings

Nonfiction/ Children's Lit/ Coloring Book

A wonderful history of Salem along with great pictures to color. Great for classrooms. We do offer great bulk purchase prices for teachers.

Free Coloring Page: Print it out and have fun!!!

Coloring Page

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Salem: Which City? Activity Book

by Sheila Farren-Billings

Nonfiction/ Children's Lit/ Activity Book

Great fun. An activity book filed with puzzles, crosswords, mazes, and more filled with Salem history. Great for the classroom. Ask about bulk purchase prices for teachers.

Free Activity Page: Print it out and enjoy these great samples!

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The Ugly European

by Dr. Peter Senn

The Ugly European by Peter Senn book cover

Nonfiction/ Current Affairs / European Culture / Politics

The Sophie's World on European society. A United States president calls on a political advisor and his telepathic cat to educate him on the fundamental difference between Americans and Europeans.

A great read for World History or Social Studies college level class written by a long tenured professor!

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A Walk Through Salem

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Fiction / Children's Lit / YA

There is a magical tree in Salem Massachusetts. A magical tree with a zipper. Every evening at dusk you are welcomed to venture through the Unzipping Tree to see the magical whimsical side of Salem where fish fly, tall ships drop anchor on the street, and Vikings storm Dead Horse Beach. 

Our tour guide Mr. Zac will lead you with book in hand to see the history and fantasy that is Salem. You will meet H.P. Lovecraft, Blackbeard, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. You will see the ancient coast lines, Bridget Bishop's orchard, the birth of the game Monopoly, and the home of America's first millionaire. Meet the witches and wizards of Salem. Be frightened by werewolves, vampires, and ghouls. 

While you are in Salem follow the story line to see the sites and meet the local characters in our tale. For this is not only a book but also a walking tour. This is your guide book to Salem.

Web site:
Facebook: Salem Trilogy

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Ideas for America

by Matthew J. Fraser

Violet Fairy Book by Andrew Lang book cover

Nonfiction / Current Affairs / Social Studies / Politics

The Guidebook to restoring peace and quality of life in our time of need. Themes include education, building local economies, securing Social Security, tactics to assist the poor and struggling, winning the green revolution on college campuses and building health for young and old. All of the diverse themes are fully integrated and reinforced by each other, forming a complete blueprint to how to restore quality of life to a suffering people.

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Blog: Ideas for America


Critical Infrastructure for Children

by Matthew J. Fraser

Nonfiction/ Current Affairs / Politics

The companion book to Fraser's Ideas for America that goes over the various ways that New England Colleges are making a better world for the middle class. Ways which state colleges are making education more accessible and practical though apprenticeship programs, time banking, early college enrollment, working with vocational schools, and supporting commuter accessible schools. Also how are they stepping up to save the environment through zero-net buildings and supporting local farming.

Accepting pre-orders.

Email: with Critical Infrastructure/Library in the subject line.

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