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Norge Forge Press LogoNorge Forge Press: a subsidiary of Salem House Press


Norge Forge Press publishes titles that are great for those who are eternally young. They utilize whimsical playful arrangement of type to tell their stories along with wonderful illustrations! Large type and big playful pictures...


~A Walk Through Salem: Fairy Tale and Walking Tour~

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

In this fairy tale and walking tour you will see flying fish, tall ships drop anchor next to parking meters, a church steeple blast off, and Vikings storm Dead Horse Beach. Learn the history and watch the local faces of Salem Ma walk past you in the real world as you use an assortment of the latest technology to bring the illustrations from the book to life! Google Maps, audio tours, and augmented visors all help you journey through Salem with your book in hand. A Book where you and everyone else reading it simultaneously are the main characters!

Web site:
Facebook: A Walk Through Salem

Preview: on Google Books




~A Walk Under Salem: A Fairy Tale Through Salem's Tunnels~

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Help Mr. Zac find the Golden Egg of the Boy Emperor of China before an international war breaks out. Journey through the real smuggling tunnels in Salem, Massachusetts with the help of flying monkeys, the White Queen, Mamadou, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and more as you go up against King Derby and his 7 dwarf ship captains. Can you help Mr. Zac find the Golden egg before it is too late?


Web site:
Facebook: A Walk Through Salem

Preview: on Google Books





~A Walk Above Salem: A Fairy Tale Set in the Skies~

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin In this tale the third book in the Salem Trilogy you will journey into the skies in a Caddy Balloon alongside millions of other readers who think they are safely tucked away in their homes. In fact they will be riding within their own Caddy Balloons next to yours. Once you open the pages of this book you have entered the magical whimsical side of Salem. We have employed a vast network of gremlins to paint what you think is the real world around you to keep you comfortable if you should ever look up from the pages. In fact you might catch them smiling at you if your quick enough to see them before they hide behind the book's cover once more.

So open the front cover and enter this tale about the war between the Salem Boys Fraternity and the Mack Industrial School for Girls. A battle raged from the rooftops using pea shooters and Nerf guns.


Web site:
Facebook: A Walk Through Salem

Preview: on Google Books





~The Wizard of Lynn~

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Wizard of Lynn Tower

Young Johnny Hodges must learn to think for himself. He has to climb a cliff face amidst the jeers of his friends and against his parents warnings. Once he reaches the top he has to climb even higher to find the wizard in the observatory tower. Will Young Johnny Hodges make it? What will happen when he meets the Wizard of Lynn????

Preview: Animated Version

Buy: Wizard of Lynn





~Jasper: A Bunny's Tale~

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Jasper the rabbitSunA story about an invisible brown rabbit in a world where all the other rabbits are rainbow colors. A story of acceptance. A Classic "Why" myth.


Preview: Animated Version

Buy: Jasper: a Bunny's Tale



~The Moon, The Sun, and 2 Fish~

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

SunAn emerging reader which provokes children to create a new story every time they flip through these pages. A journey of the moon and the sun across the sky and their friends the Flying Fish and the Fisherman.


Preview: Google Books

Buy: The Moon, The Sun, and 2 Fish




Sun~Gang Stories~

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin


Follow the adventures of 4 stuffed animals in the middle of the night while their child is asleep. An emerging reader which provokes children to create a new story every time they flip through these pages.


Preview: Google Books

Buy: Gang Stories



Sun~Max Teller's Amazing Adventure~

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Every child dreams about flying, but when have we ever gotten the chance to do so... Max did though. Max Teller is a precocious boy who was left in a precarious predicament one fine afternoon. Can you even imagine what soup this child got himself into? Alas not, then I will tell you.

Have you not desired that one day you could be brave enough to fly? Of course you have, we all have been children. Some people like myself in an advanced age remain one to this day. My envy for Mr. Teller can not be rivaled, for he indeed flew! Oh he did not start off so brave, nor was it a journey he asked for, but one that called him!

Read our tale today and find out if Max what happens to Max!


Preview: Google Books

Buy: Max Teller's Amazing Adventure

Blog: Max Teller's Amazing Adventure and the world of flying. Fliers, planes, jets, and rocket ship!

Sun~Tyler Moves to Gibsonton Florida~

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Tyler's family has moved him once more. This time they have moved him to a very strange place where he learns there is a fine line in between strange and wonderful. What would you think if you saw an elephant and a rhino walk down your street with a bearded lady?



Preview: Google Books

Buy: Tyler Moves to Gibsonton Florida

Blog: Tyler- The Boy Who's always on the Move. Check weekly to see where his parents have moved him to. Letting you in on the coolest places in America.




Salem House Press

~Arkham:Tales from the Flipside~

edited by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

Arkham: Tales from the Flipside is a quarterly magazine highlighting the best in new narrative fiction covering the genres of sci-fi, mystery, suspense, and horror. Volume I Issue 1 introduces "The Sinclair Narratives". "The Sinclair Narratives" are the journal of an immortal who moved to Salem, Ma in 1398 with a merry bunch of Vikings. "A Sticky Situation" is the story of the Great Molasses Flood in Boston. Then "Girls Night In" is the behind the scenes look into a pretty racy adult pajama party. Look for this magazine 4 times a year highlighting the newest authors from Salem House Press.

Check Out the magazines web site for news on the artists and writers. Also check out their page listing the best in pulp fiction and Old Time Radio Shows you can download. Sci-fi, Horror, mystery, erotica, fantasy and short fiction!

Web Site: Arkham: Tales from the Flipside

Buy: Arkham: Tales from the Flipside



~Salem Secret Underground:The History of the Tunnels in the City~

by Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

In 1801 Elias Hasket Derby Jr. leaves his two year retirement. His father, the country's first millionaire, has left him a money pit that many would consider one of the nations first American Castles. The expense to keep up this mansion and his leisurely life style has forced Elias back into action. He will take command of the local militia to fill in the ponds in the Common as part of an elaborate plot. The plot would entail the beautification of this neighborhood and entice a series of merchants and ship captains to build a series of two grand brick mansions set apart at fixed distances around the new park. All attached to a series of smuggling tunnels that would lead from the wharf, to their stores, and the banks.

An elaborate scheme filled with Masons,pirates, a Secretary of the Navy, Senators, Representatives, a Supreme Court Justice, Presidents, and a touch of murder! Dig into the tunnels of Salem and find the underbelly of our nation!


Facebook: Salem Secret Underground

Preview: on Google Books

Buy: Salem Secret Underground:The History of the Tunnels in the City



~Salem: Which City? Activity Book~

by Sheila Farren Billings

Free Activity Page: Print it out and enjoy these great samples!

Word Search











~Salem :Which City? Coloring Book~

by Sheila Farren Billings

Free Coloring Page: Print it out and have fun!!!

Coloring Page










~Ideas for America I: New Hope Rises~

by Matthew J. Fraser

If there has ever been a time when America needs innovative ideas, enthusiasm for change, and hope for the future, that time is now. In his comprehensive guidebook, Ideas for America, educator Matthew Fraser shares core principles as well as a fresh perspective on how America can transform its old methodologies, approaches, and thought processes into an innovative society focused on progress, reconciliation, and peace. Fraser, a seasoned language teacher, relies on fifteen years of extensive research in order to present a diverse examination of our education system, health and wellness, community development, federal spending, and environmental progress. In his proposed solutions to the current American situation, Fraser shares such diverse ideas as encouraging greater utilization of vocational programs in high school education; introducing timebanking as a powerful tool for promoting business and community; exploring co-ownership as a new way to afford housing; promoting the study of health and wellness programs at universities; and using our colleges to help transition our country to a healthier, greener economy. Through revolutionary thinking methods, Ideas for America offers real solutions to real problems in America while encouraging others to replace complacency with their own creative answers.

Web site:

Buy: Ideas for America


~Gentlemen Bats Calendar~

by Nick Demakes

Nick Demarkes delivers you 12 months of spine tingling illustrations of bats dressed as all of your favorite Victorian horror characters. From Dracula to Madame Bathory. Painted in coffee and colored pencil these 12 illustrations are to die for.


Buy: Gentlemen Bats



~Cemetery Doll: Pin-Ups 2012~

by High Hat Productions

Ghoulish delight to last all year. 12 sexy Zombie Pin-Ups. Till death do we part comes much quicker than expected with these gals....

Facebook:Cemetery Dolls


Photography: Howard Mills

Fx Make-Up: Dave Choquette



~Poems and Songs~

by Will Pirone

My favorite spot is a seat by a window. If it is a barstool and the street is active, so much the better. Behind the counter in a store looking through an open door works just as well. So does a bedroom overlooking a park. A bus or plane will also do, as long as the seat or scene is moving. They are all metaphors for a curious, restless mind.
I started writing poetry as a boy after discovering my father’s high school text of One Hundred Narrative Poems. In my early teens an older cousin sent me a copy of The Beat Generation and the Angry Young Men. That same year I stumbled on a facing page bilingual edition of Baudelaire which I thought would help my French studies. These random events pointed the way to a whole new world. I have been gone ever since. Open up to any page, and have a look.


Buy: Poems and Songs

~Old Naumkeag: Historical Sketch of Salem and the Surrounding Towns~

by Carl Webber and Winfield S. Nevins

A look at Salem from the nineteenth century back to its founding in 1626. A very comprehensive guide to the architecture and who owned it. Complete with wonderful engravings let you look back into history. A compendium of the Age of Sail, the Witchcraft Trials, and the notables that made Salem. Plus a history of the surrounding towns from Ipswich to Marblehead that once made Naumkeag.

Buy: Old Naumkeag



~Pocket Guide to Salem, Mass 1885~

by Thomas Franklin Hunt and Henry Morrill Batchelder

This was the tourist guide to the city in 1885. This guide in 1885 provided you with a quick history of the city, the train time tables, a guide to city offices, businesses in town, and services offered. A fun look back in the past. A must have for the railroad buff.

Buy: Pocket Guide to Salem




~The Ugly European~

by Dr. Peter R. Senn

"Sophie's World" on European affairs. A delightful tale set to educate you on the foundations of the European Union told through conversations between a political advisor, the American President, and a telepathic cat! Controversial at times, but down right insightful.

Buy: The Ugly European





~Salem Through The Looking Glass~

by Jerry O'Connor Bottarri

A unique book of the history of Salem, Ma. told through poetry and photographs.

Preview: Google Books

Buy: Salem Through The Looking Glass




~Anatomy of a Love Affair~

by Mi Keaton and Ana Steele

The battle of the sexes has gotten a little stranger. An honest comedy about love held between the organs that matter the most to both sexes. Where does the mind of each sex really sit?

Preview: Google Books

Buy: Anatomy of a Love Affair



Coleman the Pug cover

~Colman The Pug~

by Chris Cuddy

Good Dogs, Bad Dogs!

A light hearted adventure of an adolescent Pug who needs to find out on his own who is a good dog and who is a bad dog. This wonderful story is set within the confines of historic Salem and is a gem for local and tourist alike.

Colman and the Haunted House!

Coleman is dared to enter a haunted restaurant in the Halloween capital of the world on the 31st of October. Will he take up the challenge? If so will he make it out alive!

Buy: Colman The Pug



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