Cool Places in America~ Trundle Manor

My parents stepped into this place by accident. My mother has a weak bladder and years ago started the habit of forcing my father to pull over and knock on stranger’s doors. Well, one place we stopped was the Trundle Manor around Pittsburgh. 

The house was like a retired steampunk set designer’s dream. It was like Frankenstein’s Monster’s hobby shop workroom. Everything you can imagine from a Flash Gordon episode and Wild America were thrown in a blender and stuck on the wall. It was all sort of cool…in a strange way. I swear the ray gun on the ceiling actually worked. I think I saw a cat, but after I tripped over something and hit this button there was a screech and I never saw the cat again.


When we talked to the owners of the house, I think they mentioned they used to live in Salem MA, but they were asked to leave. That is saying something. If you are ever in the area, check them out. Hopefully, you get to stay longer than we did. My mother did not feel comfortable using the john with a stuffed bobcat holding a laser gun at her mounted on the wall.

The house is 10 minutes from downtown in the suburb of Swissvale in Mr. Arm’s and Velda Von Minx’s house. They have given tours to over 3,000 people since 2010. It is open by appointment only, unless someone needs the bathroom, and tours are donation based.

Visit at
Trundle Manor
7724 Juniata St
Pittsburgh, Pa, 15218


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