The Tunnels of Salem State University


Salem State University tunnel entrance under Sullivan Building.
Entrance to tunnel under Sullivan Building.Hello,

Today we are going to explore the tunnels that connect the Sullivan Building, to the Administration, Main Stage Auditorium, and the Horace  Mann grammar school. Like many colleges like Princeton and MIT, this school has tunnels running underneath for passage and running pipes from the boiler. Many adults remember walking from the Horace Mann school to the gym in the Sullivan Building. Today the tiny door still is there in what is the painting studio. There is still the old basketball hoop on the wall from its previous incarnation.  Mostly forgotten and unused, few students have found their way into them on a rainy day going from building to building. The Horace Mann tunnel is painted green, quite damp, and the door to the Sullivan building is rotting.  I have been told it is quite cool when it rains inside the tunnel, underground! Imagine that raining underground?


Tunnel leading back to the Sullivan Tunnel under Salem State University.
Tunnel leading to the Sullivan Building.

Then on its south campus on the location of the old Catholic school there is an old tunnel that goes from the top of the hill to the bottom. There is even a rumor that the north campus and south campus is linked by a tunnel. Who knows?

Fork in tunnel leading from the Sullivan Building to the Administration Building or to the Main Stage Auditorium
Fork in Tunnel.
Archway above tunnel entrance in the Sullivan building under Salem State University.
Archway above tunnel.
This is the tunnel leading from the Sullivan Building to the Main Stage Auditorium Building that runs under Salem State University.
Tunnel to the Administration Building.
Door in the old Gym that leads to the Horace Mann school tunnel under Salem State University.
Door to the Horace Mann tunnel.

For more about the tunnels in Salem read Salem Secret Underground:The History of the Tunnels in the City. Also you can venture on the route of the tunnels and learn their history first hand by going on one of Salem’s best walking tours there is!  The Salem Tunnel Tour offers tours at various times throughout the week. Check them out today!