Salvation Mountain, Salton Sea Ca.

It is your favorite child travel adviser, Tyler,  once again bringing you the best in last-minute vacations. Your road trip planner for the weekend getaway to the coolest and strangest places in America. How do I know about them all? My parents are contract workers in the software industry and keep moving the family every 6 months….

Well, I guess it is not too hard to realize my parents get to California a lot being software engineers and all… On one of our moves, we saw this bright hill in the distance. My parents knowing my love of odd places indulged me by stopping at it as when came by. My father cut across three lanes from the fast lane to make the left to get into the driveway…

Salvation Mountain is this hill painted with many interesting images. Around the 50ft tall, 150ft wide adobe hill are flowering, trees, waterfalls, suns, bluebirds, and many ‘other fascinating and colorful objects’.  Leonard Knight had all the paint donated to create this site and has splashed it with famous biblical quotes as colorful as the paint is. At the bottom is a representation of the Sea of Galilee, a  big red heart in the middle,  and the cross is at the very top. Its overall statement is that of love. Its creator Leonard lived in his house built on the back of an old 1939 White fire truck ‘decorated as ornately as his mountain’ and everyday works on his mountain after his coffee downtown. He lived off the grid!

He was this cool New Englander Veteran who moved west and never came back. Many Folk Artists flocked to see him and placed him in their books. He was in Into the Wild as himself with his mountain too.

It reminds me of the boulder in the Pines on Rt #539 outside of Manchester. My father told me that it used to get painted a new color monthly, but since 2001 it just has flag painted on it and no one dares to paint over it. How boring.

Funny thing is, there is no natural boulders in the Pines. My father showed me an old X-Files episode on the Jersey Devil where the trees were 100ft tall and there were boulders everywhere… Silly rabbits!

Leonard gets me thinking. He lives on the back of a fire truck, how cool is that, but he goes nowhere as I always have lived in houses, but my parents move me all the time!


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