New Edition: New Pictures and New Tunnel Finds


Extended Introduction, New Tunnel Finds, Expanded History of the Real Murder Behind the Game Clue, The Tale of the Second Witchcraft Hysteria of 1811, Truth Behind our Nation’s Banking History!

Salem Secret Underground Third Edition cover

This is the latest edition of the living book which keeps changes with each new tunnel finds. This new edition covers the house Nathaniel Hawthorne courted his wife in and the house of the man who owned the largest opium empire in American history and controlled the Bank of England.

Read about the tunnels that built the wealth of the men in Salem who went on to shape the history of America through its national banks, Constitution, Congress, Drug Problems, Wars, Architecture, and Inventions.

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Vintage Salem Morning!

Salem Common

Salem Common. The largest house in the center is the home of Senator Nathaniel Silsbee, now the home of the Knights of Columbus. This home was purchased from bribes by Joshua Bates, an agent for Barring Brothers Bank, to lobby for the creation of The Second Bank of the United States. The First Bank of the United States just lost its charter in 1811 when the house was built. Bates went to several men in Salem and bribed them to help create the new bank. Both bank’s charters were let to lapse because it was found that over 70% of our treasury ended up in the hands of the British.  Silsbee became a director of the Second Bank of the United States in Boston.

After the war of 1812 and the failed Hartford Convention, President James Monroe visited this home to help heal the wounds of the Hartford Convention by appointing the Federalists Silsbee, Joseph Story, Daniel Webster, and Stephen White to directorships in The Second Bank of the United States he would create. He also toured Salem’s underground through this house with Charles Bulfinch who he would hire to build the tunnels in Washington D.C.

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