Another Tale within the Mr. Pelinger’s House Series

Danny and the Tree of Life

This is the tale of a two-year-old that grows up quickly! Danny within the temple on top of the tallest mountain in the world has been living in the shadow of the tallest tree in the world. Not only is it the tallest tree in the world, but it is the tallest tree in the galaxy, the fabled Tree of Life. He leaves his home to climb to its top through the galaxy to learn all of its secrets.

Journey with Danny and meet the Moon Smith, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, Hermetical Hymie, and many more people.

Danny and the Tree of life and the other great stories are available in Tales from Mr. Pelinger’s House available now! Buy your copy here.

How an Illustration is Made

Are England’s Natural Wonders Better than Americas?

Below you will see how the latest illustration from Speak Softly and Carry a Sticky Wicket was made. This is the latest in the Mr. Pelinger’s House series where Teddy Roosevelt and Queen Victoria battle it out as celebrity contestants in the house.

Every Wednesday as the story develops we will let you see the newest illustration and its process from sketches to the finished drawing. So now, sit back, and take a look…

England’s Natural Wonders:

America’s Natural Wonders:

Come back every Wednesday and see which ruler beats the heck out of the other verbally, mentally, and in all other ways…

So who do you think is winning this week? Which country is better? Tell us below in the comment section.

Till next Wednesday have a Cherio Time!

~Mr. Pelinger