Spaceship Design and Isaac Arthur

Welcome back to my blog about balloons, rocket ships, airplanes, space travel, Star Wars, sci-fi, and everything about flying. This week, I want to talk design…spaceship design that is.

I was cruising down a YouTube black hole when I found this gem: Spaceship Design with Isaac Arthur. Arthur discusses the basic tenants of what makes real spaceship designs work AND how future spacecraft might be built! Because, unfortunately, a spaceship can’t just look cool; it also must account for crew needs, gravity, mass, power sources, protection and shielding from debris and radiation, speed, and, of course, the crushing pressure of space. He also talks about how realistic fantasy and science fiction spacecraft actually are and how they can be used to inspire innovative design!

If you don’t have a half-hour to check out the full video, here are some cool stills showing expansive ideas for spaceship design!

I really liked the way that he imagined farming in space and the importance of having trees within people’s yards. Imagine developments of houses and not just living quarters as we have seen on Star Trek within spaceships…The best thing was the dog inside the spacesuit; I assume you still have to walk the dog but in space! How cool is that! I bet there would be problems playing fetch though.

I can’t stay long today — Isaac Arthur has a ton of amazing playlists I need to get through!

See you next time!

~ Max

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