Cool Places in America~ The Musical Road

Hello again. I know you probably think I have lived everywhere in America by now, but the truth is that there is still a good 14% I have not been in yet… Thanks to my contract working software engineer parents.

In Lancaster, California in 2008, the Honda Motor Co. approached civic officials and asked them to turn one of their roads into a marketing campaign. They wanted to cut grooves into a road that would would play the William Tell Overture once driven over at 55 mph. They did and it drove the neighbors crazy with people coming from all over to hear it and hear it again. Then they moved it out by the airport in a remote section of town. Why did they not think about that in the first place…

I always like the William Tell  Overture. I have to admit I heard it first on Bugs Bunny, and then the Lone Ranger. Not the original, but he 1980’s Saturday afternoon cartoon and live action versions on YouTube. I still have not gotten to the original black and White. By the way Tonto means ignorant in Apache I think, and Kemosabe is more of a South American native word for ‘doesn’t know any better.’ One of my favorite collections of short stories is by Sherman Alexie called Tonto and the Lone Ranger Fist Fight in Heaven.

One of my other favorite things is the musical stairs in Boston at the Science Museum. I love playing on that!



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