Henry J. Ford: Illustrator of the Week

All Those Tales…

Henry Justice Ford (1860–1941) was a prolific and successful English artist and illustrator, active from 1886 through to the late 1920s. Sometimes known as H. J. Ford or Henry J. Ford, he came to public attention when he provided the numerous beautiful illustrations for Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books, which captured the imagination of a generation of British children and were sold worldwide in the 1880s and 1890s.

I always loved his work in the colored fairy tale books of Andrew Lang. I hope you will too!




Free Download of his illustrated books:

Biggest Collection of Illustrated Fairy Tales

Surlane Fairy Tales

Here is a treat for you. This website is filled with fairy tales from around the world with several illustrators works exhibited. You can read the European version of Cinderella and then the Japanese next. Many of the tales are annotated and come with a comprehensive list of illustrators who illuminated them. It is a gorgeous site.



So Now Go Check Them Out: