Did you Feed the Good Wolf or the Bad?

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Welcome to another Coronavirus Astrology Report from the Salem Love Psychic, Rev. Barbara.

This Jupiter-Pluto conjunction came into orb (close enough to connect energetically) on 1/29/20 and will remain in orb through 1/7/21. Their first conjunction was on 4/4. The second is 6/30, and they’ll conjoin once more on 11/12. Quite an interesting Coronavirus astrology report we had in front of us…

So What have you been doing since the first conjunction? We all had gotten to a cliff and we all had found our own Genie in the bottle. What Power did you uncork?  You had since April 4th…

The Summing Up…

What did we all wish for? How many of us were true to our hearts? How many of us will be Selfish in our desire? How many of us learned about our own selves to know what would be beneficial for us to wish for? How many of us wished for what we believe is best for us and in turn caused great harm instead? Did we wish for what is good for the all, our own benefit, or what we think would be good for the greater collective, but let fear taint it and did great harm?

We are again at a time of great power to change the world, and it is still in our hands! How do we handle it? How do we move forward in the new economy as we open up from the Coronavirus? In this time of Business reopening, do we relook at the work-life balance or jump back in with two feet into our nation’s obsession with work? Do new communities grow out of this time and old friends renew their friendships? Will our record employment continue, or will businesses take this time to cut wages and hours? How many of us will find this time to let go of outdated employment and find our true calling? How many of us will take any job out of fear?

All of these questions come back to the two wolves; which one will you feed! This time more than any other we have the two hungry mouths; do we feed the Good Wolf or the Bad Wolf? How well can you move past your own fears and desires?

We have been finding ourselves faced with the Great Nothingness from The Neverending Story. There is a great opportunity to let go of Desire that results in the removal of Fear that you will not get it. This is the most basic example of the fear and desire paradigm. If you remove the desire to live that may be the forefront in your mind; you also remove the fear that you will not. Normally this may be a good thing to come into the existence, the act of just being, but this time calls for decisiveness! So will you want vanilla or chocolate ice cream? The Genie is out of the bottle, so choose! Its Time to Name the Emperess!

So let us look into the details of this conjuncture again in our Coronavirus Astrology Report.

Let’s start with the Good Points:

  • The tools for success will present themselves
  • Resources for Gigantic Changes are at Hand
  • The Strength for Success is Accessible
  • Great Teachings at our Disposal
  • Immense Drive for New Learning
  • The knowledge that Great Power can Harm or Benefit All
  • Right Makes Right over Might Makes Right
  • Regeneration and Transformation are Present
  • Great Time to Rid Yourself of Old Wood
  • There is Gret Intensity for Change
  • Its Time to Delve into the Subconsciousness for Success
  • The Precipice for Change is at Hand
  • There is Intense Idealism
  • There is a Large Faith that the Universe can Change
  • Unity through Philanthropy and Community
  • Positive Transformation will Become Contagious
  • There is a Unifying of Large Communities
  • Plus the Truth will Wins Out

The Flipside:

  • Extreme Greed
  • False Pretences of God Like Feelings
  • Vain Glory
  • Political Drama
  • Nietzche Superman Complex
  • Great Abuses of Power
  • Hitler Complexes
  • I am the Law Feelings
  • The Elite March Forward
  • Plutocracy
  • Obsessive Righteousness, Fanaticism, and Overkill
  • Misplaced Moral Righteousness
  • False Religion
  • Totalitarianism at the Excuse for the Better Good
  • Amazing Waste of Shared Resources

Now the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction will continue on for the next year and:

  • Create Extreme Discipline, Strength, and Endurance
  • Generate Self-Control
  • Deliver Great Fortitude for Discomfort
  • Provide a Profound Sense of Responsibility
  • Present Challenges to Change the World
  • Will Call People to Let Go of Popular Success for Personal Success
  • Will Grant the Power to Continue when All Resolve has Failed
  • Create Great Anxiety and Fear
  • Deliver Negative Forces
  • Create a Great Tide of Change
  • Generate Profound Times with Great Consequences
  • Brings the New Order to the World
  • Calles for Great Display of Personal and Group Will
  • Needs Unbending Faith
  • World and Personal Transformation is Being Created by the Conjuncture

So great cosmic changes are still being presented to us. Like in The Matrix Humanity was given the opportunity to wake up, hold on to a dream of Paradise, or a dream of a consistent level of pain; we are presented with the same choice as a collective. Which way will we go? You had time to think about it, which way are you leaning?

That was another Coronavirus Astrology Report.

As always…

Rev. Barbara Szafranski
The Salem Love Psychic


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This Week’s Horoscope deals with Sex and Darth Vader

The Salem Love Psychic’s Horoscope

The Salem Love Psychic

So what is going on this week: three planets turning retrograde!  Jupiter, Saturn, and most important – Venus. First, we will have a Scorpio Full Moon followed by a committed partnership Grand Trine!

Thursday, May 7th!

The last Super Moon of this year is  a Scorpio Full Moon which brings about a good time to release tensions in the certain nether areas of our personality through:

  • sharing resources
  • occult practices
  • wealth
  • power
  • charisma
  • sacred sex
  • investigation
  • research
  • transformation
  • death and rebirth
  • shadow work

Taurean Mercury opposes the Moon, brings about a time to have a dialogue about long-ignored issues on very practical matters. It is a good time to lay a new foundation or shore up old ones to build upon to strengthen old friendships and relationships. Miscommunication sometimes slips into our relationships and wedge their way in until they threaten to split us up. Now is a good time to clarify what might have been said in the past so those people you care about know your true intentions. You might find out they were building your future relationship on false pretenses that you need to address before harm falls in.

A Scorpio Moon already feels things intensely. This lunation’s Moon-Neptune trine is a bit tricky. While you are trying to clarify what you had said in the past, be careful that you are talking to another person’s ego or true self. At times some people’s ego is weak when confronted with things it feels ashamed of or frightened by. These are times that part of a person’s psychology hides and lets the Shadow out. The Shadow’s first job is to go on the offensive to protect the ego. Once it has secured the ego, then it scolds the ego and tries to teach it some important lessons.

Ever got in an argument with someone and they start screaming, or raising their voice, accusing you of things and behaviors that you know damn well to be their own? Well they are! The Shadow uses you to interpret and pass its message on slowly through time, piecemeal, to the ego. So the Scorpio Full mixed with the Moon-Neptune trine will bring up a lot of emotions in which some ego’s might not handle causing their Shadows to fight the fight that is not theirs.  It is a very emotional time as seen by the symbols of the moon and Neptune which represent the emotions combined with the sting of the Scorpion.

For some people should have died years ago! The parts of their personality that have been causing them harm for decades now. The harmful person should of died years ago, to give birth to the person they were born to be.

Sometimes when we do not tell someone the harm they are causing, it is our fault. We allowed parts of ourselves to die, that should never have died, to keep alive parts of others that should of died years ago. The moon is the symbol of the ego-death. It is not time to order the casket and flowers, but a celebration of the death of the smoker, the spouse, the employee, victim, or the slayer for your true self to rise from the ashes. Like the snake shedding its skin which does not fit them any longer for a fine new suit that does.

As a collective, as a society, this time calls for us to put to death the workaholic, the distant parent, the negligent friend. Many of us have found ourselves trapped by the long commute and longe work hours that we have forgotten our children, parents, friends, spouses, and most importantly, ourselves! The American work culture coupled with the high costs of housing has created the fear that has been wedging into our lives for over 10 years now. We need to kill this way of living and have a long talk with ourselves!

The Moon’s final aspect is a tight Vesta quincunx which will help you have these conversations. It will grant you the fortitude not to take the Shadow’s words personal. It will give you the strength to understand the people in your life are not meaning harm, but lashing out. When one is suffering a loss of a loved one, they lash out unintentionally and for the short term, we forgive all that they say when they are grieving. For many will be grieving the loss of the parts of their personalities they were using for crutches for too long.

Collectively it is a good time to stop hoarding and sharing our wealth to those charities for people who find themselves short on cash and food. So stop stocking up on toilet paper…

It is a good time to release tensions. Spring has sprung and a little rutting will do us all good. It is time to enjoy the fullness of life. So get naked and don’t judge yourself or others for what we all need, for if we didn’t, there would have never been any life on this planet! 

This act is also sharing of ourselves. Most important is how we open up ourselves before and after sex with our conversations. Conversations about what brings each of us bliss.

Sabian Symbol

Find yourself within a state of Bliss, and hold it. When you are there you will find others where you are or bring others there who are ready. Do not try to bring people up who insist on falling. They are on another journey. Insist people come to your level and do not stoop to theirs.

Be the person standing outside of the hole and throw a rope down to help someone out, but never pull them up without them do any climbing themselves.

When you are the best person you can be, you have so much more to offer others.

This Sabian Symbol calls for you to understand the Buddhist meaning of the Joyful Participation of Sorrow. It is a time to be like Grandfather in Little Big Man who walked into the slaughter of his tribe with a joyful smile or like Chauncey in Being There just walking through life. The removal of fear and desire is helpful. Do not put judgments on these times. Like a Zen koan, understand when a knife is harmful and when it is not. A knife in surgery will save your life and a knife in an alley will end it. Do not put value judgments on either of these also. For the doctor could of been a hack and a near-death accident could make you reaccess your life for the better.

The Joyful Participation of Life! To desire life, you fear it will be taken from you. Just be. Just be within all the aspects of what comes to you. In the movie About Time,  the main character learns he can relive the day. At first, he changes all his mistakes and erases the aggravating things that happen. Then he learns to just embrace them a second time smiling.

Losing the fear of the other person’s Shadow will work out a stronger ego in those we care the most about once w do not react to them, but only smile and hug them. For all that a child having a tantrum needs, is a hug.

For us adults, a little of the slap and tickle…

Sunday, May 10th!

The Grand Trine begins today, peaks on Wednesday, and ends on Sunday. It includes Mercury, Juno, Pallas Athena, and Saturn. Once we have worked through the temperamental ego and let their Shadow rest once more, we build on the conversations and trust which strengthen friendships and tightens the bonds and joys of our relationship. The Grand Trine helps us find bliss within each other after the new foundations were laid out on Thursday and past communications clarified. 

It is a time for our True Self to talk to the True Self in others around us!

Mercury is still breaking ground in this new relationship between ego and Shadow for it is in the house of Gemini, the twins. Recall times when Lucifer and Yahweh, after the fall, sit and talk to one another in the bIble. The twin brothers, the two sides of Venus: the morning star and the evening star.  Realize double-speak, but don’t fall prey to it. The ego is testing its trust of you so he can in time balance his Ego and Shadow to become the Self.

Pallas Athena, closely conjunct practical Saturn, can help you negotiate a person’s behavior as they are balancing out their Ego and Shadow sides. Give the other person leniency, but snap at them when they overstep and make sure you follow it up with a hug and a smile.

Juno focuses this Grand Trine to support the ongoing relationships in your life that will bring you to your shared bliss. Those relationships that have found new life, by now you should of let those that needed to die to pass.

Grand Trines are like going downhill on a bike. If we do not pedal hard going downhill we might find going up the other side harder. Grand Trines gives us great presents, but they will pass if we do not provide a foundation for them. If we do not learn to make those presents for ourselves, they might become a once in a lifetime event.  Wouldn’t you want those amazing times to happen every day and get even better! So work with the Grand Trines and learn from them to make the most of this time and the rest of your life as you enact upon the lessons learned.

Monday, May 11th!

This is the beginning of four planets turning retrograde. Followed by Venus on Wednesday and Jupiter on Thursday. I will talk about Saturn today, and the rest next week.

Saturn turns retrograde at 1°57′ Aquarius. The planet turns direct again in  4-1/2 months, on 9/29, at 25°20′ Capricorn. The Ego acts like the king. During this retrograde, the Ego learns to humble itself within its communications with others as it moves their True Self through adolescence. Aquarius and Capricorn are great teachers of the subtle and fun art of conversation!

In alchemy, the king acts like Darth Vader. It threatens its son with death. The son brings new ideas and confronts the father with his faults and mistaken beliefs. The father swallows and, for what it seems, kills his son. Then the King sweats on what his son stands for and fights out those beliefs in his mind. The dross of his son is left behind and his truth arises. Then the reborn son and the king become one. 

Think of how the Beatles where so hated with their mopish hair and loud music, now they are hallmarks of society! 

Society fights all new ideas, but those that speak truth fight it out with the old guard and in the end are always embraced. It is the battle of the dreamer and the technician.  Einstein was a dreamer who fought the battle with the technician of this world to bring us the physics we know today.

So at the end of the virus, those stalwarts of our society have to realize how they have been hurting their flocks and become part of the cure and not the disease. They need to embrace the importance of themselves and not the corporation they brace up. They need to see the importance of those other Selves around them,  for if they can not see their Self they will never be able to see yours.

This virus will bring death to the personas of society and ill-placed social duties. Darth Vader dies to give life to Anakin. 

The king is dead,  Long live the King!

So come back next week and we will discuss the other three retrogrades!

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