Cool Places in America~ Dixie Square Mall and the Blues Brothers

Here is a tale from a few years ago before this building got torn down. I always loved the Blues Brothers. It was my father’s favorite too. So I was overjoyed when my parents got a contract to work in Harvey, Illinois. Well not at first…then they told me the mall in which the famous chase scene in the mall which started with a Kermit the Frog was in that town. It became cooler. Then my father asked if I wanted to go urban exploring into this dead mall, Harvey got way cooler!!!


Dixie Square Shopping Center was an enclosed shopping mall located in Harvey, IllinoisUnited States, at the junction of 151st Street and the Dixie Highway. It stood vacant for over 30 years, more than twice as long as it was in business. It was famous for having been used, both inside and out, for the mall chase scene in the movie The Blues Brothers. More recently, it achieved notoriety because of a growing Internet cult following (including local urban exploration groups) dedicated to covering the mall’s deteriorating condition. Like other “dead malls“, it had been characterized by high vacancy rates and low patronage, which led to its closure. However, while other dead malls were redeveloped or demolished, Dixie Square stood out due to its extensive neglect, vandalism damage, and sordid history.


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