Transcendent Music, Trains, and Ships

Listen to this transcendent music piece. Old tall ships rock on the ocean. Steam trains speed by through picturesque landscapes. Throughout Chris Dowgin plays some Japanese Zen flute mixed with Native American styling. Guaranteed to bring you into a mindful meditative state.

Flute Club- USS Constellation Baltimore

This week Flute Club travels to the Inner Harbor of Baltimore to the USS Constellation. Chris Dowgin plays for the passersby and the dancing security guards of the camera. Where will find Flute Club next around the country? Have a lookout for him and say hi. Maybe you can be in one of his videos?

The Murder that Influenced the Game Clue

In Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin’s latest book Murder on the Common, we follow everyone’s favorite immortal, Henry Sinclair, as he tries to solve the murder of Joseph White.  This murder influenced the game Clue. In the video, Chris explains the true story of the most infamous murder of the nineteenth century.  Consequently, a murder that reached the highest ranks within our national politics.  One that involved a Supreme Court Justice, the most powerful Senator at the time, and the man who controlled our national bank. Likewise, it inspired many creative endeavors.

The Murder that Influenced The Tell Tale-Heart

The story of a man driven mad by a dead eye was influenced by the ship captain Joseph White’s murder, Salem’s first privateer. Edgar Allan Poe was familiar, along with the rest of the nation, of this murder in Salem. It created the fodder for one of his most famous works. It inspired others as well. For instance, the Parker Brothers would be inspired to change the game Cluedo. They modeled Clue after this murder. Why? You just have to watch the video to find out.

The Locations behind the Murder that Influenced the Game Clue

Follow Chris as he tours Salem and brings you to the locations involved in the murder and the game Clue. Just hit play and enjoy!

Read the first novel within The Sinclair Narratives (from Arkham: Tales from the Flipside) called Murder on the Common Today! Learn more about the real murder that influenced the game Clue! Fall in love with the quirky immortal and read further adventures of Henry Sinclair within the pages of Arkham: Tales from the Flipside!

Flute Club- Grandpa’s Swamp Whiting NJ

Flute Club returns to Whiting NJ within a dried-up swamp at the source of the Davenport Branch of the Toms River. This area is the Lenape public garden for the burial ground for one of their chiefs. The area is filled with manipulated trees marking the spot.  They fork and bend like lightning bolts. A real giant bonsai forest.

So sit back and let Chris Dowgin soothe you with his mindful sounds on his flute playing styles from Japanese Zen flute and Native American stylings.

New Issue of Arkham: Tales from the Flipside

Welcome, in this installment of Arkham: Tales from the Flipside, we bring you into another dimension to read 6 illustrated supernatural tales. Tales of war and murder from the old masters and new. Tales that all play into one another through time and space.

First, we have our anchor story Battle at Cedar Bridge Tavern, the latest in The Sinclair Narratives. A tale about the last battle in the Revolutionary War and the theft of the Ark of the Covenant. This sojourn features Benjamin Franklin and the Jersey Devil. It’s followed by There is a Reaper that investigates what happens to your murder victim after death, written by Charles V. de Velt.

Then we have…Black Colossus by Robert E. Howard featuring Conan the Barbarian who is picked by chance to lead an army for a desperate princess. Up next is Lisa Deschenes’ tale of a strange way to get rid of an ex-husband in Things that go Bump. Further, we present Steve Mullen’s Shock Treatment which explores the idea that our solar system is the insane asylum of the galaxy. After that, we have Beyond Lies the Wub by Philip K. Dick about an intelligent space pig that might end up on the menu.

Six tales that weave in and out of each other. Can you discover all of their secrets of how they fit together? Give it a read and find out.

Buy Arkham: Tales from the Flipside today at Salem House Press!

Arkham: Tales from the Flipside Spring 2020 cover

Sleep Club’s Zen Flute Cure for Insomnia

Premiering tonight on YouTube. An hour of mindful relaxing Zen flute played during a rainy night in front of a cabin before a wooded walk to a campfire. Let the storm break from your mind and stare into our fire as you let the flute relax you and carry you to a simpler place of bliss.

Chris Dowgin plays his Tarka flute mixing Japanese Zen flute with Native American stylings to help you fall asleep or reach higher meditative states.

The Corona Virus Horoscope Calls for Teachers

7/20 (Mon)

Cancer New Moon– July’s New Moon lines up at 1:33 PM EDT (28°26′ Cancer). This presents us with a good time for new beginnings for home, family, security, emotions, and shadow work. It is an interesting time for our Corona Virus Horoscope…

4 Aspects of the New Moon for our Corona Virus Horoscope


Saturn brings you the challenges needed for you to develop Cancerian skills to improve your soul’s journey through this world. During the waxing moon, your nerves might be on the edge. Your raw nerves are exposed for you to work on. It is another time to work on your ego/shadow relationship.

For those of you who have done your shadow work, Saturn calls for you to advise people on how you came about your own growth. For those people who have found out or reconnected with their higher selves during this CoVid-19 Virus, it is for them to make sure to create a social movement for others to do the same.


This moon is in opposition to Pluto. It is a time to rise or sink in the mire of our soul. Pluto calls for us to work with our unconscious and dig down deep for the hidden gems, but beware if you only pull up some muck. It is this muck in Ireland they dry out to fuel the fires that warm your hearth.

These gems can help you create profound change for your soul. This muck or turf can fuel the change that is needed now.  Those of us who have used this time to follow our soul print, we need to be strong enough to work others in our community through their transition. For we are only as good as the whole.  Those seeking peak experiences need to be around others who attain them regularly. Too long the higher souls in our neighborhoods been acting like life preservers and not sherpas.


Jupiter is the great cheerleader. He is the giant that helps you on your way. He provides you with the hope and luck to continue. His mantra, Pay it Forward. Whatever you learn through Jupiter’s help, you must share it with others. Help as many people as you can to reach the heights you have from his help.

The more you help people through these times the better we will come through these weird times.

Asteroid Goddesses

Vesta conjunct the luminaries and helps you help others.  Pallas Athena calls for you to put others in front of your desires and the universe will bless your wishes serendipitously.

This is a time for us to find as many teachers as we can to bring us the motivation to just be like little kids jumping through the mud puddles! To emulate the water that just reacts to the displacement that our feet make and lands where it may.

This new moon calls for all the teachers to step out at the end of this virus and lead others to their Holyland!

Blessings from~

Rev. Barabara Szafranski
The Salem Love Psychic

Read her new book:

Burnt Toast and Oranges: The Miss Adventures of the Salem Love Psychic

Rev Barbara the Salem Love Psychic and author of the Corona Virus Horoscope stands in front of poster for her book Burnt Toast and Oranges.               

Lullaby Club- A Cure for Insomnia

Are you still awake? Try listening to Chris’ song on his Tarka flute and see if the sandman visits? He is guaranteed to calm your soul and bring you into a deep meditative state of mindfulness. Find yourself within ocean waves of bliss and give this a listen whenever you find yourself fighting the pillow… Take our prescription for the cure for insomnia.