New Issue of Arkham: Tales from the Flipside

Do You Know Who You Are?

After reading our Winter Issue, you might not.

Arkham: Tales from the Flipside Winter 2022 coverThis is Professor Wilmarth and your friendly neighborhood Cthulhu welcoming you to another journey within the world of the macabre and the strange. In this season’s issue, we have several tales of impersonations, body snatching, switcheroos, and tales of other dimensions.

   First, we have everyone’s favorite immortal, Henry Sinclair, working with the Man in the Baltimore Coat and Alan Quartermain attempt to prevent an entity from another dimension taking over one of two presidents in Dead Presidents in the Castle. Following that we have Mark Twain’s train woes in Mistaken Identity. Next is H.G. Wells’ The Stolen Body where a man’s body is stolen by demons as he was astral projecting. Lisa Deschenes brings us the latest in her Salem Cemetery Series with a tale of what happens to a man who tried switching a car on a devious young woman in Roy. Pohl brings us a groundhog tale filled with horrid ads in The Tunnel Under the World. Last but not least, we have Philip K. Dick’s The Father-Thing as a bunch of kids fight the neighborhood dad who has been cloned by aliens.

    Some stories touch on historical facts and others you will hope are just pure fiction. Let’s see if you can figure out all the connections between the tales. Who knows, you might even find more than I reveal at the end of our installment from Arkham: Tales from the Flipside.

   Cthulhu is shedding, he might not be sitting on the bar below. That might be his old skin? If so, he might just be behind you with his fork and knife in his hand.

Read the latest issue now, if you dare!

Are you afraid to find out who you are…

Trolls? New Series coming from Salem House Press


Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin is bringing us a new world set in the Pines Barrens of New Jersey. No, not greasy Italian mobster monsters, but Trolls!

Starting in 1638, New Sweden was established in the Pines on the Delaware River. The Swedes brought over Norwegian mountain trolls as slaves to clear the land and build their houses. Some escaped!

For centuries now they have roamed the woods of the Pines. Trolls as big as a pine, but just barely keeping their heads below the tree line. They walk under the sun due to a protective lining that covers their eyes that prevents them from turning into stone.

They’re sometimes mistaken for the Jersey Devil (a Gastornis not to be mistaken for anyone in the Leeds family); because anything that is tall and strange gets mistaken for this popular mythical creature… Only Hulton sees them for what they are.


Beyond the Gravestone Magazine

The Salem Cemetery Series author Lisa Deschenes

Lisa Deschenes

Beyond the Gravestone has interviewed our author Lisa for their latest issue. She talks to Christiana Corsetti about Salem, ghosts, Danvers State Hospital, Lovecraft, Stephen King, and more! Lisa has been writing stories for Arkham: Tales from the Flipside for two years now and is one of our favorite authors. Her stories come from traditional ghost stories which mix in surprise twists like those by masters like Hitchcock and Dahl. Each tale weaves in and out of her previous ones creating an immersive world for her readers.

Check her out in Arkham: Tales from the Flipside and in the latest issue of Beyond the Gravestone!



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