Flute Club

I have been running through these woods since I was 5. This moraine leads back to a rivulet running between two ponds, separated by a bridge and the ruins of a pump house. On this raised area are some Bull Pines surrounded by a circle of forked top Pitch Pines; some local Lenni Lenape landscape. By the age of the pines, this might be one of the oldest Native lots in the area. After the Natives, or during their time here, General Lacy’s workers would ply these waters for a bacteria that grows under the peat in the pond, which would make iron. If you see an oil slick on the water, there is iron below. Along the river leaving the second pond, there are wooden railings in the dirt the bog workers could stand on, harvesting the bog iron. The river leads to the third pond where you can still see the impression in the hill where their forge was, and the beach is littered with iron. Well, anyway, enjoy the flute! A mixture of Japanese Zen flute with Native American stylings that put emphasis on the quality of silence, its length, and contrasting approaches on how the silence is broken connote the style. Very relaxing and tranquil.

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