The Latest from Arkham: Tales from the Flipside

The Fall Issue is here!

This is Professor Wilmarth and your friendly neighborhood Cthulhu welcoming you to another journey within the world of the macabre and the strange. In this season’s issue, we have several tales of ravens, cuckoos, and aliens; maybe you will think of me cuckoo for mentioning aliens…

This season Henry meets someone sitting inside the Greenlawn Cemetery, which is stranger than any ghost, who starts their journey looking for a long lost book by Edgar Allan Poe detailing an infamous murder within the ivy halls of Harvard. Then we learn from Philip K. Dick that some gifts for your wife can prove deadly. Then James Stammers teaches us that gifts for your girlfriend can become just as troublesome. Then in Deschenes’ tale, we learn the best-boxed gifts are the ones you find for yourself. Simak then explains to us that for some rare aliens sorrow is the best gift you can offer. Poe teaches us what happens when your most precious gift is removed from your life.

Some stories touch on historical facts and others you will hope are just pure fiction. Let’s see if you can figure out all the connections between the tales. Who knows, you might even find more than I reveal at the end of our installment from Arkham: Tales from the Flipside. Well, I’m off to feed the ravens in the cemetery. I do hope they eat all of the bodies before I get a ticket for littering. Do you mind if I leave Cthulu here to dine on your toes?

Check it out now!

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