Abandoned Harrisville Paper Mill

There are plenty of places to travel to within the NJ Pines. Hours and weeks of driving can be found under these stumpy little trees. Many abandoned properties scatter the woods when it was once an industrial center. Beyond the iron forges that supplied our Colonial, Revolutionary, and Civil Wars; amidst many complaints from the local Quakers, the Pines gave birth to the first Mason jar, the first winery in the country, and many resorts for the wealthy and early Hollywood stories before the talkies came about. Many towns came and went during these times, one of which was Harrisville.

Around 1795 the area saw a couple of forges, a sawmill, and a grist mill established. Isacc Potts was one of the earlier owners. The McCarthy family would buy it later and eventually the Harris family. Last was Wharton in which the local state forest is named after. From 1795 to the 1914 fire it had seen multiple uses.

For more info please read this site. Below are some of the images from my trip there with Bear.


Here are the directions:

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