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A Strange Literary Twist…

Henry, everyone’s favorite immortal (just ignore that other Scotsman…), encounters the strangest visitor to Greenlawn Cemetery within the Witch City.  This encounter brings him on a journey to find a long lost rare novel featuring Dupin, the world’s first detective. Follow Henry as he tries to remember the plot of a book he lost on a train years ago. A plot detailing the most famous murder within the ivy halls of Harvard University. Filled with twists and turns so original, it might have created a new modulation on the murder mystery.

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The Latest from Arkham: Tales from the Flipside

The Fall Issue is here!

This is Professor Wilmarth and your friendly neighborhood Cthulhu welcoming you to another journey within the world of the macabre and the strange. In this season’s issue, we have several tales of ravens, cuckoos, and aliens; maybe you will think of me cuckoo for mentioning aliens…

This season Henry meets someone sitting inside the Greenlawn Cemetery, which is stranger than any ghost, who starts their journey looking for a long lost book by Edgar Allan Poe detailing an infamous murder within the ivy halls of Harvard. Then we learn from Philip K. Dick that some gifts for your wife can prove deadly. Then James Stammers teaches us that gifts for your girlfriend can become just as troublesome. Then in Deschenes’ tale, we learn the best-boxed gifts are the ones you find for yourself. Simak then explains to us that for some rare aliens sorrow is the best gift you can offer. Poe teaches us what happens when your most precious gift is removed from your life.

Some stories touch on historical facts and others you will hope are just pure fiction. Let’s see if you can figure out all the connections between the tales. Who knows, you might even find more than I reveal at the end of our installment from Arkham: Tales from the Flipside. Well, I’m off to feed the ravens in the cemetery. I do hope they eat all of the bodies before I get a ticket for littering. Do you mind if I leave Cthulu here to dine on your toes?

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Abandoned Harrisville Paper Mill

There are plenty of places to travel to within the NJ Pines. Hours and weeks of driving can be found under these stumpy little trees. Many abandoned properties scatter the woods when it was once an industrial center. Beyond the iron forges that supplied our Colonial, Revolutionary, and Civil Wars; amidst many complaints from the local Quakers, the Pines gave birth to the first Mason jar, the first winery in the country, and many resorts for the wealthy and early Hollywood stories before the talkies came about. Many towns came and went during these times, one of which was Harrisville.

Around 1795 the area saw a couple of forges, a sawmill, and a grist mill established. Isacc Potts was one of the earlier owners. The McCarthy family would buy it later and eventually the Harris family. Last was Wharton in which the local state forest is named after. From 1795 to the 1914 fire it had seen multiple uses.

For more info please read this site. Below are some of the images from my trip there with Bear.


Here are the directions:

The Latest from Brooksbrae Terracotta Brick Factor

The Gallery Always Open with No Overhead…

Here is the latest show this Winter. Come down to Pasadena and check it out!


Remember to keep coming back to check on our latest shows at our gallery. Let us know if you want to submit your work for our next show. Also, why don’t you go in person and see all of our fabulous paintings yourself!

How and Illustration is Made: Behind the Scenes of Danny and the Tree of Life

The latest tale within Tales from Mr. Pelinger’s House is Danny and the Tree of Life. It’s about a boy who grew up in the shadow of the largest tree in the world at the top of the temple on top of the largest mountain in the world. Read about his journey to climb the fabled Tree of Life as it spans through the galaxy. Travel up this tree with him to see all its wonders!

Before you do, let us see how this tale was made.

First I draw and paint the backgrounds in graphite and then colored pencils. Then I will draw and paint a very large head to be added to a smaller body… Well, when it is done, the head won’t be so large or the body so small. Photoshop allows me to put these drawings together like that old toy called Colorforms. This process allows me to get more detail into the faces, but still, be able to save money by working on sheets of paper under 9″ x 12″. It is also easier to store the paintings since I will be moving them from place to place (nobody else is buying them…). Below is an example:


Keep coming back and see how the rest of the book was made. You can also find Danny and the Tree of Life within the pages of Tales from Mr. Pelinger’s House. I welcome you to get your copy now.

Another Tale within the Mr. Pelinger’s House Series

Danny and the Tree of Life

This is the tale of a two-year-old that grows up quickly! Danny within the temple on top of the tallest mountain in the world has been living in the shadow of the tallest tree in the world. Not only is it the tallest tree in the world, but it is the tallest tree in the galaxy, the fabled Tree of Life. He leaves his home to climb to its top through the galaxy to learn all of its secrets.

Journey with Danny and meet the Moon Smith, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, Hermetical Hymie, and many more people.

Danny and the Tree of life and the other great stories are available in Tales from Mr. Pelinger’s House available now! Buy your copy here.

Celebrating the New Year with Fresh Talent: Candace Tang

Welcome Back to The Summer Street Library’s Winter Interstitial

and Happy New Year!


This week, we are welcoming in the new year with the breath of fresh air that is Candace Tang.

Also known by her artist signature CTANG, this spectacular up-and-coming artist pulls references from the world around her, whether that be from comics, movies, or ancient myths. Tang then depicts her varied muses traditionally or digitally using software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Regardless of her choice of subject material or medium, Candace Tang skillfully renders in a signature style that I cannot get enough of.

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