The Corona Virus Horoscope Calls for Teachers

7/20 (Mon)

Cancer New Moon– July’s New Moon lines up at 1:33 PM EDT (28°26′ Cancer). This presents us with a good time for new beginnings for home, family, security, emotions, and shadow work. It is an interesting time for our Corona Virus Horoscope…

4 Aspects of the New Moon for our Corona Virus Horoscope


Saturn brings you the challenges needed for you to develop Cancerian skills to improve your soul’s journey through this world. During the waxing moon, your nerves might be on the edge. Your raw nerves are exposed for you to work on. It is another time to work on your ego/shadow relationship.

For those of you who have done your shadow work, Saturn calls for you to advise people on how you came about your own growth. For those people who have found out or reconnected with their higher selves during this CoVid-19 Virus, it is for them to make sure to create a social movement for others to do the same.


This moon is in opposition to Pluto. It is a time to rise or sink in the mire of our soul. Pluto calls for us to work with our unconscious and dig down deep for the hidden gems, but beware if you only pull up some muck. It is this muck in Ireland they dry out to fuel the fires that warm your hearth.

These gems can help you create profound change for your soul. This muck or turf can fuel the change that is needed now.  Those of us who have used this time to follow our soul print, we need to be strong enough to work others in our community through their transition. For we are only as good as the whole.  Those seeking peak experiences need to be around others who attain them regularly. Too long the higher souls in our neighborhoods been acting like life preservers and not sherpas.


Jupiter is the great cheerleader. He is the giant that helps you on your way. He provides you with the hope and luck to continue. His mantra, Pay it Forward. Whatever you learn through Jupiter’s help, you must share it with others. Help as many people as you can to reach the heights you have from his help.

The more you help people through these times the better we will come through these weird times.

Asteroid Goddesses

Vesta conjunct the luminaries and helps you help others.  Pallas Athena calls for you to put others in front of your desires and the universe will bless your wishes serendipitously.

This is a time for us to find as many teachers as we can to bring us the motivation to just be like little kids jumping through the mud puddles! To emulate the water that just reacts to the displacement that our feet make and lands where it may.

This new moon calls for all the teachers to step out at the end of this virus and lead others to their Holyland!

Blessings from~

Rev. Barabara Szafranski
The Salem Love Psychic

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Lullaby Club- A Cure for Insomnia

Are you still awake? Try listening to Chris’ song on his Tarka flute and see if the sandman visits? He is guaranteed to calm your soul and bring you into a deep meditative state of mindfulness. Find yourself within ocean waves of bliss and give this a listen whenever you find yourself fighting the pillow… Take our prescription for the cure for insomnia.

Tunnels of Salem on Kitchen Expedition

Watch Chris Dowgin (author of Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City and Sub Rosa) walk Robert Irvine through the tunnels under Salem and explain how they smuggled cinnamon through them to create vast empires of wealth. Dowgin also explains the complicity in which the Custom House and other government officials found themselves within fostering this behavior.

America’s first Millionaires

Robert learns how these tunnels and the spice he uses daily affected the early machinations within our national capital. For instance, they might have led to presidents being elected and being assassinated by America’s first millionaires  Who knew the course of a simple spice could have that much impact on history? The rise of The 1%! Did you? Learn what Robert did by hitting play below.

For more information check out past posts on the Salem Tunnel Report and Sub Rosa on this blog. Above all buy the books Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City and Sub Rosa to find out more! That is to say if you want to learn the real history of America…

Spaceship Design and Isaac Arthur

Welcome back to my blog about balloons, rocket ships, airplanes, space travel, Star Wars, sci-fi, and everything about flying. This week, I want to talk design…spaceship design that is.

I was cruising down a YouTube black hole when I found this gem: Spaceship Design with Isaac Arthur. Arthur discusses the basic tenants of what makes real spaceship designs work AND how future spacecraft might be built! Because, unfortunately, a spaceship can’t just look cool; it also must account for crew needs, gravity, mass, power sources, protection and shielding from debris and radiation, speed, and, of course, the crushing pressure of space. He also talks about how realistic fantasy and science fiction spacecraft actually are and how they can be used to inspire innovative design!

If you don’t have a half-hour to check out the full video, here are some cool stills showing expansive ideas for spaceship design!

I really liked the way that he imagined farming in space and the importance of having trees within people’s yards. Imagine developments of houses and not just living quarters as we have seen on Star Trek within spaceships…The best thing was the dog inside the spacesuit; I assume you still have to walk the dog but in space! How cool is that! I bet there would be problems playing fetch though.

I can’t stay long today — Isaac Arthur has a ton of amazing playlists I need to get through!

See you next time!

~ Max

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Spotlight Artist Jeremiah1x!

Welcome one and all to The Summer Street Library blog! And a very special welcome to Jeremiah1x, our first spotlight artist!


One of the missions of The Summer Street Library blog is to showcase young, upcoming, and underrepresented writers and artists across the globe. With this goal in mind comes our spotlight artist articles and interviews which focus on celebrating one artist (of any kind) and their work. This week, we are proud to introduce Jeremiah1x (also known as Jeremiah McGowan)!

From Albany, New York, solo artist Jeremiah1x (he/him) entered into the world of music at a young age. He first “began making music” at age four when he wondered aloud to his great grandmother about what exactly “she was doing while sitting at the piano.”* Since his great grandmother’s teachings, Jeremiah1x went on to become classically trained in piano and has been producing his own music for seven years. 

Jeremiah1x creates his “own beats, synths, and melodies” and describes his style as a dynamic pop-based fusion “incorporating different rhythms like house or hip-hop.” He identifies his target audience as “everybody who likes pop, trap, and likes to dance” — for my own sake, let’s just hope that enjoying dancing is enough…even without any skill.


As for who inspires his music, Jeremiah1x has never forgotten how he was first introduced to music: his great grandmother. The women in his life have proven to be inspirational throughout his whole life. He also looks to fashion for new ideas, walking the streets, and people-watching. Another key inspiration: the famed rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix (alongside some other psychedelic rockers of Hendrix’s era).

I usually find inspiration in my day to day life, inspiration from people’s fashion that I see. Even talking to people, I can be inspired by their day-to-day or their mindset.

Jeremiah1x’s isn’t only inspired by his family, fashion, and favorite musicians, but A significant number of books and writers inspire him. From Jack Kerouac’s On the Road to Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Jeremiah1x’s bookshelf has always animated his music. He also cites Dickinson as a perpetual muse: “Emily Dickinson’s poems always harbor new inspiration for me.” A keen fan of Shakespeare (especially Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice) and Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, Jeremiah1x’s music embodies drama without sacrificing nuance. 

Poetry and Music

When I asked Jeremiah1x more about his artform, I wondered how alike poets and lyrists were — and how various beats, instrumentals, and vocals changed how a piece was received. So many poets (and poetry lovers) say that a poem is meant to be enjoyed aloud — that poetry is meant not only to be read but to be savored in the air. The way a poem is read, especially by its author, permeates its meaning: those subtle pauses, slight tonal shifts, and the way in which breath enters a poem become just as important as any other literary device. Perhaps music belongs in a similar realm. Lyrics and notes on a page exist in a certain way, but only truly live once in the air.

To Jeremiah1x, music is poetry — or at very least, a particular type of poetry set apart by cadence, volume, and sung story. I posed to Jeremiah1x the following question, does the music surrounding or behind the words change their meaning and if so, how? To him, “music itself needs the lyrics to [truly] unfold” — however, that meaning can change from day to day, person to person, ear to ear. Music becomes a conduit for ever-changing, ever-evolving emotion.

Lyric writing is exactly like poetry in a storytelling cadence. I think that even a piano alone can be poetic. Even the image of a lone piano is poetic, to me. Music is auditory art because you can experience the same emotions the artist was feeling writing it.

Writer’s Block

When asked if he ever struggles with writer’s block or creative fatigue, Jeremiah1x had quite the definitive response: “Writer’s block is fake news. It comes from lazy people unwilling to practice their instruments. Creative fatigue however is always a danger. Setting aside daily time to practice your instruments solves both of these problems.” I certainly hope the next time I am feeling stuck, I can proceed with as much gumption! Writing each day keeps the writer’s block away…perhaps…one can certainly hope so!

If you are interested in learning more about Jeremiah1x, be sure to check out his SoundCloud and YouTube channel (and keep your eyes, and ears, peeled for his upcoming single “Fallin'”)! He is also known to live DJ on his Facebook page, a treat you don’t want to miss, so a friending wouldn’t be amiss.

Until next time, I’m signing off. Keep on reading and listening.

~ Sadie

Be on the lookout for more from The Summer Street Library — here all Summer!


*all quotations come from The Summer Street Library’s exclusive online interview with Jeremiah1x


The Summer Street Library focuses on highlighting young, divergent, and or underrepresented writers and artists with an especial focus on BIPOC, self-published, and unpublished writers. If you are interested in contributing to The Summer Street Library as a spotlight artist, please contact the blog’s founder, Sadie Hofmeester, at

Great Stalacpipe Organ Making Music in a Cave!

It’s your favorite child travel adviser, Tyler the Boy on the Move, once again bringing you the best in last-minute vacations. Your road trip planner for the weekend getaway to the coolest and strangest places in America. How do I know about them all? My parents are contract workers in the software industry and keep moving the family every 6 months…So on this move, I got to hear the Great Stalacpipe Organ!

My parents just got a job down in Luray, Virginia, a sort of sleepy little town with some interesting history. While my parents were at work, I liked to walk around downtown to its cool shops and restaurants. The Page Theater is also pretty fun…

Cool Stuff in the Shenandoah valley

On the weekends we did some sightseeing together, checking out the Car and Carriage Caravan Museum, hiking up Stony Man Mountain, and exploring the Shenandoah Heritage Village. However, by far my favorite was the stop we made to the Luray Caverns — Luray is known as “the town where caverns meet the sky” after all!


The Great Stalacpipe Organ


Inside of the caverns (and covering just about 3.5 acres) is the world’s largest musical instrument. The Great Stalacpipe Organ! Whenever its played, little mallets strike different stalactites all over causing a beautiful and haunting tune. The whole cavern seems to pulse with the echoing sound!

The Great Stalacpipe Organ is technically not an organ at all (rather a lithophone)! Electric engineer and mathematician Leland Sprinkle, who worked at the Pentagon, designed it. When Sprinkle visited the caverns in 1954, the guides inspired him when they tapped the stalactites to show him their tonal range.

If you’re sold on hearing the “organ” but not on the tight spaces, you can always listen to recordings of the instrument (though it isn’t as cool as hearing it in person). However, if a giant musical cave isn’t for you (which I don’t know why it wouldn’t be because IT IS AWESOME), Luray does have plenty of other fun stuff too.  I mean, even the drive through the Shenandoah Valley is pretty amazing! You could also visit the Hawksbill Greenway, the Luray Rescue Zoo, the Warehouse Art Gallery, or the Luray Singing Tower.

Thanks for stopping by!

See you next time!

~ Tyler

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