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Saturn is our teacher this year.

Currently, there are five planets in Capricorn right now. – whose ruling planet is Saturn. Saturn is known as the taskmaster. He is associated with limitations, restrictions, responsibility, boundaries, and discipline, as well as time, age, older people, patriarchy, and fathers.

When Saturn is present he often invokes a lot of FEAR. It is our nature to want to expand, but Saturn contracts (which is often what makes him so scary!). Yet once you learn the lessons of Saturn, despite how challenging they are, he ultimately brings FREEDOM and STRENGTH.

Saturn is changing signs on March 21

For the first time in three decades, Saturn will be tempered. He will be in the visionary, innovative, and humanitarian house of Aquarius which will soften his lessons for us. He will be in this future-oriented sign for three months (and return there in December for another two years), giving us a taste of this revolutionary energy.  Aquarius, an air sign, will bring new ways we can communicate, technology that will move us forward and advance the planet, and a humanitarian spirit, which we desperately need right now. The stern fatherly guidance as of late will give way to the soft loving hand and embrace of true love and guidance.

March 2020

This year March is also a 7 Universal Month which often brings shock and revelations that force you to slow down, go within, take time alone and soul search.

This seems apt with the SARS 2 shutdown forcing us to stop traveling and shutting us up in our own houses away from each other. In these times we might wonder who do we seek out and who do we miss. Do we seek out the people at the water cooler at work or that friend we have known since grammar school we have not seen more than once this year? In this forced stillness, hopefully we get reconnected with those we love again as we move forward.







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