Not Everyone Gets a Christmas Present this Year, but a Hanging

It is Christmas Day and Joseph Knapp Jr. is waiting to be dropped before the ball falls on New Year’s Eve.

Even though Stephen White has admitted to murdering his uncle and a few others…Joseph Knapp Jr. is still sitting in his cell this Christmas Day waiting for his death on the New Year.

Caroline, the Hibernians, Caroline’s Boys, and Henry celebrate Christmas at the Essex Hotel (location of the Salem Five on Essex Street). Afterward, Louie, Caroline, and Henry travel to Ipswich to celebrate with Achak and Malmusis where Malmusis tells them a traditional Agawam ghost story.

Come back every Tuesday to hear the latest from Murder on the Common featuring everyone’s favorite immortal, Henry Sinclair, and his reincarnated third-generation Viking rag-tag crew. Henry has just solved the most infamous murder of the 19th century, but now how can he free the man who is going to be wrongfully executed while the man who did commit the murder resides on the Prison Commission for the governor?

New Installment

Illustration from Murder on the Common featuring a little Native girl with her uncle that has just grown large rabbit ears while telling a story.

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