Viva da’ Vinci

Leonardo da’ Vinci Drew this….

Landscape drawing for Santa Maria della Neve was painted on August 5th, 1473. It is the oldest know work by the master. This is is the earliest known drawing by Leonardo. It now hangs in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The landscape is of the valley of the Arno and Montelupo Castle. This was his backyard when Leonardo was still living with his father’s family: his stepmother, his paternal grandparents and his uncle Francesco, his first playmate.

Before Leonardo, a drawing of a landscape without human figures and symbolism would have been unthinkable. The first complete painted landscape is credited to Peter Paul Rubens, almost two hundred years after da’ Vinci’s drawing was made. He was way ahead of his time and still is.

In Richard A. Aliberti’s Universal Man: Da’ Vinci’s Soul Reborn we look into his world and his contemporaries that he inspired and which inspired him. You will find many great minds that have been forgotten to time and those you will be surprised knew da’ Vinci. You will also have a unique look into this man’s spirit at this pivotal point on the 500th anniversary of his birth. Join in the celebration and pick up this great book today!

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