A Bike Ride to Hammond Castle and Tales of Tesla and Mark Twain

Hello everyone,
Here is another amazing place I have been to this month. It is Hammond Castle in the Magnolia section of Gloucester, MA. It was inspired by a failed attempt to take over the Transvaal area of South Africa before the Boer War, an ass-kicking, and a possible lynching that the ever-interesting Mark Twain stopped.

John Hammond Sr. was a geologist working for Cecil Rhodes who created Apartheid and the nation Rhodesia. After their failure in that revolt and near death, John the father was recuperating in England as his son ran around playing in the ruins of castles. He liked this activity so much he brought many of the ruins back himself to build his own. Castle, not ruin.

In time Mark Twain would meet Nikola Tesla and bring him north out of the fancy restaurants in NYC and introduce him to the Hammonds. John Hammond Jr. was so enamored by Tesla he wrote for some time trying to get the famous inventor to create the Tesla-Hammond Wireless Electric Company. In the end, after some psychic experiments, the Hammonds would screw Tesla over with the father investing heavily in copper to make wire for utility companies to hang from telephone poles crushing Tesla dreams of free electricity and his son robbing him of expired patents which would make his fortune with remote control missiles and boats.

Either way, it is a cool mansion you should check out!

Hammond castle and Chris DowginHamond Castle doorhammond Castle towerHammond Castle arcade and Ocean viewHammond Castlehammond Castle

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