Abbey Road’s 50th Anniversary in Salem MA

A few years ago we did this quirky little photoshoot in Salem with Michael Naimo ( who owes me hundreds of dollars) and Scott Lanes (never got to see his photos) of several Salem locals. These were the familiar faces of those who participated in the downtown community. A time as one person said, “If you throw a stick up in the air, you are guaranteed to hit a Bohemian when it came down.”

The shoot happened on Front Street, not far from Old Town Hall which was in the movie Hocus Pocus. It is also was a door away from an Italian restaurant that existed in the 70’s which had a cook that started in London. This cook might of met John Lennon on the other side of the pond before he chose to wash dishes for him. The other reason Lennon could of been in town was because of Bobby Hebb, a notorious local who shot his witchy wife (who lived) and spent a few years in the Salem Prison (where they would break him out for the weekend to perform at barbeques). Hebb wrote a song called Sunny that made more money than the Beatles when it was released. Hebb toured with the Beatles and bought a car from John that he drove in Salem for years which was like lime green. Hebb was with The Beatles at their last Massachusetts show in 1966 at Suffolk Downs before finishing the tour in California. That was the last tour ever.

So for the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles Abbey Road, I present you with the artistic people of Salem.

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