Parker Brothers Monopoly and the Federal Reserve

I Took over Peabody & Co.

JP Morgan

I took over the bank my father inherited from George Peabody. They plotted the creation of a third national bank to hand our economy to the British. They failed, but I succeeded in 1913 when I had the Federal Reserve created and in time stripped all species from it’s banking.

I am JP Morgan. My bank has been fined for creating the 2008 Financial Collapse. In fact starting in 1837 Peabody & Co.and JP Morgan & Co. (JP Morgan Chase) have been crashing the economy on purpose every 20 years and choosing which Banks get bailed out.

I am the man the Parker Brothers based Rich Uncle Pennybags on in their game Digg and Monopoly.  The man who founded my father’s bank was George Peabody who owned the railroad Boston & Maine bought and was a major investor in the B&O Railroad. For creating the 1837 Panic, Peabody passed Go and never went to jail. I followed his plan in 1907 and was praised for saving America. In 2013 my bank was fined for creating the 2008 Financial Crisis. They followed the same plan that has been happening every 20 years like clock work.

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