Tecumseh’s Curse, Clue, and Monopoly

I am the First to Suffer Tecumseh’s Curse

William Henry Harrison

My son died 2 weeks before my inauguration and I died a month after. You might believe I died from pneumonia a month after exposure to a snowstorm speech I had made. I was assassinated by Senators Henry Clay and Daniel Webster for my refusal for banking a third national bank. I was poisoned by typhoid; the same as Polk and Taylor! The first to suffer Tecumseh’s Curse…

All because the man who got away with the murder in Salem, MA that the Parker Brothers based their version of Cluedo, Clue, on. Steven White inherited large shares in the Second Bank of the United States when he killed his uncle Joseph White. Joseph White is Mr. Body in the game and Mrs White was his wife. Both Stephen and Joseph White received large bribes to buy their mansions in 1811 by Baring Brothers Bank who were working for the Bank of England.

In 1811 the First Bank of the United States lost its charter for giving 70% of our treasury to England after the Revolutionary War. Stephen White and his brother-in-law Associate Justice Joseph Story along with the father of Stephen’s daughter’s husband Senator Daniel Webster helped create the Second Bank of the United States in 1816 after the War of 1812; which lost its charter in 1836 for giving…70% of its shares to England. These banks were the original Federal Reserve. Story and Webster were directors in the bank which defended it against all comers in the Supreme Court.

After visiting Salem in 1833, President Jackson could of suffered a typhoid (salmonella) poisoning which forced him to curtail his New England tour during the Bank War which later extinguished the bank. His Speaker of the House, James Knox Polk, would suffer typhoid poisoning around the same time. He lived only to succumb to another attempt 3 months after leaving his presidency. Stephen White, Henry Clay, and Daniel Webster had me elected to make the Federal Reserve, the Third National Bank, and I refused. So I lasted 1 month in office. Stephen White did not last much longer after Daniel Webster received larger bribes from Baring Brothers Bank during the Ashburton-Webster Treaty with Lord Baring.

Webster and Clay would go on and also kill Zachary Taylor of Typhoid for his refusal to make the bank. He lived 15 months longer than I did in office. A few months before him, they killed Polk as well. Both Webster and Clay would die in 1852 and never seen the Federal Reserve created. In fact they created the Whig Party, named after the party that created the Bank of England, to create the new bank.

JP Morgan, the son of George Peabody’s partner, did create the bank in 1913. Parker Brothers Monopoly has Rich Uncle Pennybags, its mascot, based on JP Morgan. Also the B&O Railroad was partially owned by George Peabody and the Boston & Maine had bought his Eastern Railroad which he created with Stephen White.

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