New Illustrations for Speak Softly and Carry a Sticky Wicket!


This is the second illustration for the latest in the Mr. Pelinger’s House series. Mr. Pelinger invites the Foster siblings to be contestants in a game show where the celebrity guests are Teddy Roosevelt and Queen Victoria battling over the supremacy of art, music, culture, natural wonders, vehicles, and just about everything between America and England. The only problem is that the two didn’t fare well through Pelinger’s Wormhole attached to his house through time; they came back a little short and distorted like their political cartoons.

So sit back and enjoy over the next few weeks as we show you the latest illustrations from the book and the process of how they are made. This week the two heads of state fight like Trump and Biden behind the White House. Which country has the best natural wonders? Let us know below.

Natural Wonders!


Finished American Piece:


England Natural Wonders



Finished English Piece:

So which one do you think? What country has the most amazing outdoor wonders? Tell us below.


For now, you can buy the first book in the series Mr. Pelinger’s House & Intergalactic Roadshow where Sitting Bull and General Custer battle it out in a three-ring circus over the Foster Siblings souls inside the house that is bigger in the inside than the outside. Available in eBook and in print at our website at Support local authors and illustrators! When you buy directly from us we can pass the savings on that the distributor would have taken out of our authors’ and artists’ mouths and we can pay them much quicker than the 90-day trade terms. Thank you for your support!


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