Illustrator of the Week: Paul Serusier

Now that is Bright…

Here is another post from the leading advocate of Salem House Press, me! Today boys and girls we will learn about a new artist I just found, Paul Serusier.

Serusier was a Post-Impressionist painter, a part of the group of painters called Les Nabis. Sérusier along with Paul Gauguinnamed the group. Pierre BonnardÉdouard Vuillard and Maurice Denis became the best known of the group, but at the time they were somewhat peripheral to the core group.

He later taught at the Académie Ransonand published his book ABC de la peinturein 1921. He died at Morlaix. He lived from 9 November 1864 – 7 October 1927.

I appreciate the intense fairy tale like Parrish colors. All of his paintings have this moon and stars quality I love. He veers away from the abstract toward illustrative figures. He seems to meld the wonder of van Gogh with Maurice Sednak. Take a look…

I think I might just do some new color studies now. Keep an eye out for them…

So that is all for the moment from the quirky illustrator from that even quirkier town of Salem.


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