Snowy Days and Salem Tunnels

Welcome to the Salem Tunnel Report. Every Monday we will post new and old tunnel finds along with those who built them. In our posts you will learn how Salem has shaped American history from the profits of the smuggling that happened in these tunnels; sometimes for the good, but more often not.

Not all secrets are well hid…

Next time there is a lite flurry or the snow is melting after a deluge…take a walk on Front Street, Derby Square, or Essex Street and look for these crescent shapes of melted snow. See the heat that escapes from the basements in these buildings escape through the tunnel entrances and melts the sidewalk above them. They could not hide everything. Sometimes it is just simple science that gets us in trouble…

For more read Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City and its sequel Sub Rosa by Chris Dowgin published by Salem House Press. Available at Barnes & Noble, Remember Salem, The Witch House, Jolie Tea, and

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