Rafe’s Chasm


Now a lot of people come to Salem, MA, but they are really missing the boat if they do not venture any further north. A trip up Boston’s Gold Coast up Rt. 127 is a must see! A road filled with the Robber Baron’s mansions, castles, a windy road along the ocean, and many natural wonders.

On the midpoint on the road before it loops back on its self through Cape Ann is Rafe’s Chasm in Magnolia, a section of Gloucester MA. It is a huge red rock jutting out to sea with a chasm to right that fills up during high tide. It is my favorite place to sit on the ocean and do rock hopping. One section reminds me of some ancient boat ramp. This spot might hold some mysteries beyond is beauty alone.

During Hurricane Katrina the waves reached the top of this rock face that rises 3o feet from the water and beyond another 20 feet to crash halfway to the treeline. During most average storms, the water turns a beautiful green among the foamy wave crests. A definite to see.

Sometimes seals can be seen from here as well. Many times you will find a fisherman or two. On some occasions you will come across an old bonfire, something I need to do one day.

After your trip up Rt. 127, leaving Salem behind, take a stop at Rafe’s Chasm and see why tourists and locals have been coming here since the nineteenth century!

Chris Dowgin

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