Salem State University and the Tunnels in Salem

I just was able to walk the tunnel from the Horace Mann Laboratory School to the Art Room in the basement of the Sullivan Building.  Before I had taken pictures of the tunnels between the Sullivan Building to the Administration Building and the Gordon Center of the Arts. Plus when you venture to the old South Campus on Dr. Loring’s old estate, there is a tunnel leaving the grammar school through the side of the hill to the gym below.

Just one of the new of the thousands of tunnels in Salem. Almost got to film this one with a new Travel Channel show…

Look out for me talking about the tunnels in April on the Travel Channel! More info to be released closer to airing!


To find out more about the tunnels in Salem read Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City, now in its 3rd edition. New tunnel finds, more stories, and even more pictures! Read the book everyone digs! Catch up on the book that Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton used to write Wicked Charms, Carol Perry with her Witch City Mysteries, and the Librarians  TV Show! Stories from the book airing in April on the Travel Channel!

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