10 of my Favorite Space Jockeys and Pilots

Hi I am Max Teller and welcome back to my blog about balloons, rocket ships, airplanes, space travel, Star Wars, sci-fi, and everything about flying! This time we will look at some of my favorite space jockeys and pilots. After you read the list, won’t you add some of your favorites!

10. Maya from Space 1999.  I think she was the first redhead I fell in love with. I would share my balloons with her any day. Maya was a metamorph who could shape shift into a mean ape like creature when she wanted. In that shape she might even get Chewbacca to fall in love with her. She also piloted my favorite spaceship of all time the Eagle.


9. Flash Gordon. In 1936 Buster Crabbe had played him in a serial or two. I used to watch this every Saturday leading into Tom Baker’s Doctor Who. He also flew one of my favorite space age pulp fiction rockets.


8. Hawk from Buck Rogers and the 21st Century. He also had one of the coolest ships. I always wanted him to hang out with Hawk from Spenser for Hire. Imagine if Commander Cisco (who played Hawk on Spenser for Hire) was more like Hawk, Deep Space Nine would of been bad ass…Excuse me.


7. Pappy Boyington. Now this man got to fly the coolest real plane ever! What more do you have to say!


6. Starbuck. Card playing, rogue, playboy. He was what Han Solo could of been. Plus he had a cool ride.


5. Sky Captain. Great humor and great plane. Humor and modesty always wins me over. Even if he had a little thing on the side with Angelina Jolie…


4. Mark from Battle of the Planets. Cool bird costume. He stands up a bit above Jason, Jason came off like he wanted to be Han Solo.


3.Nick Ryder. You have to be cool to be able to play off the fact you a flying a pink belching helicopter named Mimi.


2.MacReady. Granted he only flew the helicopter rarely in The Thing, but he is one of the coolest characters ever. Specially how he tells off the alien in the end before he throws a stick of dynamite at him. (My father is watching me now, I got away with cursing once already…)


1. Captain Kirk. Do I have to say more…

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