Illustrator of the Week: Bob Peak

To Boldly Go…

Bob Peak

Sometimes artists are in the background when you are growing up. Bob Peak was one of them. The classic movie poster was created by him. The first movie I watched on VCR was Excalibur. Sitting their nursing a broken arm I watched it on a recorded version of the original that my mother’s friend copied from the Video Store she helped run. So I only seen the movie poster years later, but I remember seeing the posters to other films I grew up with like the Star Trek films, Clint Eastwood films like Pale Rider and Every Which Way but Loose, and Superman. Bob Peak created the art for some of the most epic and remember-able films of my childhood, but I only put it all together a few years ago. So sit back and enjoy the works of Bob Peak!

To see more of his work, visit this link:

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