Cool Places in America~ Salem MA and the Westford Knight

Its your favorite child travel adviser, Tyler,  once again bringing you the best in last minute vacations. Your road trip planner for the weekend getaway to the coolest and strangest places in America. How do I know about them all? My parents are contract workers in the software industry and keep moving the family every 6 months….

My parents get lots of contracts on the Informational Highway outside of Boston on Rt. 128. One of our favorite places to reside while on the North Shore is Salem. We learned years ago to avoid the witches, they fight among themselves too much. The true magic in the town is the cool Harry Potter Shop and Wynot’s Wandsthe smuggling tunnelsMr. Zac, and the story about the Vikings who landed there in 1398!

In 1784, Prince Henry Sinclair was identified by Johann Reinhold Forster[7] as possibly being the Prince Zichmni described in letters allegedly written around the year 1400 by the Zeno brothers of Venice, in which they describe a voyage throughout the North Atlantic under the command of Zichmni.

Zichmni had sailed to America after meeting a sailor who got lost in a storm and ended up in a land far to the west of the Orkney. In this land he told about the various kingdoms of natives, the book written in Latin they had from a previous adventurer, and how the tribes fought over his knowledge of the fishing net. These tails from the sailor inspired Sinclair to sail west with some Vikings and the two Venetian brothers who wrote about the journey.

Prince Henry Sinclair had numerous titles including Roslyn in Scotland. His son William built the fabled Roslyn chapel from the Da’Vinci Code. His family were the hereditary masters of the Templars in Scotland. Haakon V, King of Norway, had bestowed the Earldom of Orkney to Sinclair. By 1401 he disappears from Scottish History. There is no history of his death. Stories of him can be found in Arkham:Tales from the Flipside in the Sinclair Narratives. In the tales he is described as an immortal who has brought the Holy Grail to Salem which later gets stolen by the mysterious Salem East India Museum who has built tunnels throughout the town. Now the true story does not seem any less mysterious…

In 1398 Henry Sinclair sails a fleet of Knarrs and Longships with a crew of Norse and Norse Scottish Vikings. They are sailing with the two Zeno brothers who write down their tale as they search for the fabled Vinland. Vinland was described to have two rivers and two islands in the harbor. First they drop anchor on Oak Island in Nova Scotia and then sail further south to Salem, creating the myths of the great treasure in the Money Pit. Salem also fits the description with the two Misery Island and the North and South Rivers entering into to the hinterland. This was their second venture through the continent. From here they will travel further west to Westford. This is where the knight Sir James Gunn dies, the details lost to history. Today you can still see the stone inscription dedicated to him on Depot Street. His effigy lies on a granite slab.

Just one of many tales of Vikings within New England. Provincetown and Boston also have tales. These tales have inspired the Salem Normal School (Salem State University) to have a Viking as their mascot. I bet you always wondered why they chose that mascot…

Westford Knight:


17 Depot St., Westford, MA

Directions:I-495 exit 32. Drive west on Boston Rd. When you reach the Westford Common, turn right onto Lincoln St. and continue straight onto Main St. Just past the Roudenbush Community Center bear left onto Depot St. The knight is about a quarter-mile up the street, on the right as the road bends right. It’s right on the road, so drive a little further, turn right, and park at the high school.



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