Daniel’s House Tunnels in Salem MA

Daniel's House Salem MA

Daniel’s House

1 Daniel’s Street

Stephen Daniel’s a shipwright built this house in 1667. In
1756 his great-grandson Samuel Silsbee, carpenter, added on
to the house. In the 1800’s the house was divided between
the Russells, Hodges, and Reeds. The tunnel is in the back
left corner and the front right corner. The back right corner
you can see a change in the brick and a modern door is put in
leading to the side of the house on Essex Street. In front of the
portal leading out of the basement is a hole in the floor with
the characteristic sewer pipe leading up through it. The tunnel
entrance on the right is now a stone staircase leading into the
other side of the house.

Stairs in Daniel's House in Salem MA
Stairs on a house this age are not historical and are usually converted tunnel entrances.
Daniels House Sealed Tunnel in Salem MA
You can see the new cinder block sealing up the tunnel entrance to the house.









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