Apollo 13 and the Nuclear Bomb

Welcome back to my blog about balloons, rocket ships, airplanes, space travel, Star Wars, sci-fi, and everything about flying! We all have heard about Apollo 13 and seen the movie. How the astronauts might have exploded during reentry, if they even made it that far. Did you know they could of exploded like a nuclear bomb?

For awhile many of our spacecrafts used Plutonium-238 to power devices. Some of which was on board Apollo 13. One of the devices was the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package (ALSEP). This was jettisoned along with the Aquarius Lunar Lander during reentry to crash off the coast of Tongo in the Pacific. It still sits at the bottom of the ocean.

Now don’t you feel safe….



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The Court Houses’ Tunnels

Well one of them have been removed this month. The tunnel from the Registry of Deeds to the Superior Court was dug up by a front end loader. Below I have some before and after pictures.

My friend used to work for the Registry. He told me stories of sending female summer interns into the tunnel to a room to alphabetize some photos. When they got there they would be surprised by the fact the photos were of autopsies and murder scenes dating back to the invention of the camera in Essex County. I never did find that room. I only walked from the Registry to the Superior Court. In the pictures below you will see a large subterranean room with a door attached to it. I never got into that door because there was someone sitting in the room below. So I scurried past quickly before I was seen.  Later I realized it was my friend Bobby and he said he was probably sleeping when I went by. If I only knew.

Supposedly this tunnel would of led to the train tunnel on Washington Street. It was used to process prisoners to and from jail. Plus Judges were able to use this underground train station. The only building still connected behind a large fenced off area is the District Court. There is still a fire escape leading from the tunnel to the court house.

Well check out the pictures.

For more about the tunnels in Salem read Salem Secret Underground:The History of the Tunnels in the City. Also you can venture on the route of the tunnels and learn their history first hand by going on one of Salem’s best walking tours there is!  The Salem Smugglers’ Tour offers tours at various times throughout the week. Check them out today!

Court_House_Boiler_Room_Toward_Superior_Court From_Street Registry_Tunnel Registry_Tunnel_Door Registry_Tunnel_Door_web Registry_Tunnel_Webjpg Train_Tunnel_Court_House





Tunnels Connected to Salem’s City Hall Hushed Up!

Secrets in City Hall Are Still Slow in Being Revealed~

Tunnels coming out of City Hall on both sides! Pictures are slow coming forward. Many mayors of Salem were involved in smuggling.

Tunnels were also connected to the Old Town Hall, and the Town House that sat in the middle of Washington Street. The train tunnel that led to the secret train station went under the original Town House on Washington Street.

Josiah Orne who owned the property before City Hall was built was one of the smugglers in town who  had his basement connected. City Hall was built on his original foundation with the tunnels already attached.

Town Hall in Town Hall Square Salem, MA
Town Hall in the square was connected to the tunnels by the 4 fireplace arches in the basement below these chimneys.

List of Salem Mayors who were connected:

Stephen Webb
Stephen Phillips
Nathaniel Silsbee Jr.

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