New Tunnels on Oliver Street! The Searle House.

Yes, they just keep going and going and going…

Searle was a housewright and his home was built in 1811. His tunnel goes under the fireplace arch closest to the street. There was also a wooden raised platform with the hot water heater on it. It could of been hiding an access to a subbasement. Many homes like the Hodges on Essex and Orange Street or Rockefellas has a subbasement.

Look for updates on this house.

Other homes just found is the old Derby Square Bookstore and the Crombie Tavern on Crombie Street. Look for these posts too.

Fireplace_Arch Next_To_Trapdoor Trapdoor Trapdoor2 Trapdoor3


For more about the tunnels in Salem read Salem Secret Underground:The History of the Tunnels in the City. Also you can venture on the route of the tunnels and learn their history first hand by going on one of Salem’s best walking tours there is!  The Salem Tunnel Tour offers tours at various times throughout the week. Check them out today!

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