Salem Secret Underground Part Two~ Do You Have Any Stories to Share?

So it is time to write the sequel to Salem Secret Underground. It will be published by Salem House Press this Winter. This new edition is looking for your stories to tell! Like the last story, this new one can not happen without people letting me crawl through their basement, telling me the stories they have heard, and lending me their jackhammers. So contact me.


This sequel will tell the tales of the criminals of Salem. Well beyond the politicians… Tales about Thomas Perkins and how he started America’s War on drugs and his ties to the Skull & Bones. Thomas Pickering and how his Alien & Sedition Acts were turned into the Patriot Act. Possible cheap labor gained from the Underground Railroad. King Mumford and the black Kings and Governors of New England. Plus more on possible stolen artwork smuggled through the tunnels to the local museums in town. Shanghai Tunnels…

The location of these tails will focus on the McIntyre District, North Salem, and a dash of Lafayette Street. Maybe just a touch of the early tunnels of the Old Planter families on Bridge Street.

So if you have any tales, you live in those areas, you have fireplace arches in your basement, doors to places below your basement, or maybe a trapdoor-Give me a call or email me at

For more about the tunnels in Salem read Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City. Also you can venture on the route of the tunnels and learn their history first hand by going on one of Salem’s best walking tours there is!  The Salem Tunnel Tour offers tours at various times throughout the week. Check them out today!

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