Father And Son Send A Spacecraft Into Space


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A father-son team, prompted by the boy’s persistent request to build a homemade spacecraft sent a small helium-filled balloon and tiny vehicle into space and captured it on video.

Luke Geissbühler and his 8 year old son Max spent eight months designing and testing their tiny spacecraft.  They attached a HD video camera and an iPhone to it to track its GPS location when it come back down. Their little space ship had to survive 100 mph winds, temperatures of 60 degrees below zero, speeds of over 150 mph, and a possible splashdown in water.

A small weather balloon was used to lift the craft into space that was made out of a take out container. They covered it with spray-on insulation. Then they used chemical hand warmers to protect the camera and iPhone  from sub-zero temperatures inside the container.
Their spacecraft was launched in Newburgh, New York, in August 2010. During a 102-minute flight it managed to reach an altitude of 19 miles above the ground in the upper stratosphere (I ha to look up what this meant.) before the balloon burst and parachuted the craft back down to earth. The team tracked the module, which was caught in a tree 30 miles from the launch site, by using the GPS on the iPhone and spotted it’s flashing LED light.

I am glad my balloons did not take me that high! I was dressed for summer and I don’t think I would of survived the -60 degrees up there! Anyway I think Max and Luke are way cool.

Now here is the Video. Enjoy it!


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