Some of Max Teller’s Favorite Flying Things, Flash Gordon Memorabilia

Welcome back to my blog about balloons, rocket ships, airplanes, space travel, Star Wars, sci-fi, and everything about flying! In today’s blog I am going to share with you my favorite Flash Gordon stuff. Here are my favorite rocket ships, Hawkmen, and ray guns from the classic Saturday morning T.V. show my Grandfather watched when he was my age.
A flying Hawkmen from Flash Gordon that resembles a Viking. One of Max Teller's favorite flying things.
Not exactly a Flash Gordon rocket ship, but similar. Still it is one of Max Teller's favorite flying things.
One of Max Teller's favorite Flash Gordon toys, a tin ray gun.
One of Max Teller's favorite flying thing from the Flash Gordon T.V. show, the rocket ship.

Why don’t you share with me your favorite rocket ships from the 50’s and up. Post them below! I would love to see them!

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