Hello, I’m Max Teller


My name is Max. I once had an amazing adventure. It was a few years ago. Look to the right and you can see a picture of me then. Yes. I was stuck to a bunch of balloons floating above the North Shore of Boston. At first I was scared. I almost got sucked into a series of jet turbines, fell into a rock crusher, and hit a few skyscrapers. Then again I eventually learned to love it up there. I would never float around on balloons again, but I fly every opportunity I get. My bedroom’s ceiling is filled with aeroplane and spaceship models. My favorite is the Eagle from an old TV show my father watched called Space 1999. I felt a little bad that the year I was born was the year we should of been in space already.

Another plane I like is the the Vought F4U Corsair. I fell in love with this plane after watching another TV show with my Dad. Baa Baa Blackbird was another show he loved when he was my age. The Corsair was the star of the show. I love the way the wings bend.

So come visit me often and I will tell you about my journey on the balloons and share with you my favorite flyers and planes.

See you later!

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